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Seven Stunning Prom Dresses for Women That Burst With Color and Flash With Style.

Modern day prom dresses are popping with color and bursting in elegance.

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They are fun, elegant and everything today's teens and ladies want to wear on their big night.

If you, or a teen girl in your family, is getting ready to shop for prom dresses, get ready for some serious fun.

With a few tips on figure flattery, complementary colors and dress silhouettes, it's easier than ever to find your dream prom dress.


For starters, prints are definitely one of the hottest trends to wear.

In the past, an elegant gown meant you were restricted to wearing a solid color.

Today's gowns still come in rich solid colors, but they also make a bold fashion statement with colorful floral patterns and some geometric prints.


If you want to turn heads at your prom, here are some tips:

7 Tips for Stunningly Beautiful Designed Prom Dresses for Women

* Choose a dress that accentuates your hair and skin color.

  • For instance, if you have pail blonde hair, you probably don't want to wear a white gown.
    Try black or hot pink.
  • If you're a redhead with freckles, you should probably avoid red.
    Instead, go for a green that will complement your skin and hair.
  • If you have dark hair, go with a fun turquoise.


* Get used to your shoes well before the prom. 

Sure you'll probably kick off your prom shoes before the evening is over...

But you need to be comfortable long enough to strut into the hall and get your photograph taken with your date.


* Do something different with your hair.

This doesn't mean you have to go for an up-do.

  • But if you have long hair, get a hairdresser to give you a professional flatiron look.
  • If your hair is short, use some gel for a sculpted look.

It's a special evening so do something special with your hair.


Choose a prom dress that leaves you feeling confident.

There's nothing more stunning than a confident young woman.

This means wearing the style of dress that best suits your figure.

Don't fight nature.

Instead embrace your shape and dress it in the most flattering style possible.


Here are seven classic dress shapes to suit any figure:

  • 1. Triangle.

If your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust, then you need to accentuate your top half with a nice fitted bodice and a full skirt.

The result is a nicely balanced, proportionate look.

And if you use two different fabrics "maybe a print for the skirt and a solid on top" you create an even more distinct look.


  • 2. Diamond.

If you're wide around the middle "not rounded, but lacking a defined waistline" try a trumpet dress that cinches under the bustline and flows down and out from there.

The high waist gives the allusion of a tiny waistline.


  • 3. Rounded.

If your shape is best described as round or voluptuous, you may need to draw attention away from your waist and make the most of your other curves.

The best way to do this is with a V-neck or halter style dress.

Both of these dress styles can contain your curves and they will divert unwanted attention to your midsection.


  • 4. Hourglass.

Conversely, if you have a well defined shape "your shoulders and hips are similarly sized and you have natural waistline" then you could consider a dress with cut outs in the bodice of the dress.

It's not too revealing, but shows off a little of your trim shape.

If cut outs are too much, then consider a gown with beading that highlights your curves.


  • 5. Rectangle.

If you're pretty much straight from the shoulders to the hips, you want a dress that creates the allusion of curves.

This is easily accomplished with a dress that sets out to create a waistline with details, draping or pleating.


  • 6. Inverted.

If your shoulders and bustline are the widest parts of you, you should work to define a waistline and also create attention to the bust with a halter or surplice top.


  • 7. Pear.

If you think your behind defines you, choose a dress that focuses on another part of your body.

Try a dress that fits tightly to just above the hips and then flares out.

Other than dress style, there are other tips to making the best dress selection.

For example, if you're petite"under 5 feet 4 inches" then be careful not to let your dress overwhelm you.

Try a cocktail-length and show some leg.


Keep these helpful tips in mind when shopping for your special dress.

Find a figure flattering cut, a complementary color and don't be afraid to play with prints and patterns.

And remember to be yourself, have fun and make it a night to remember!



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement