Alyson Stoner Debuts Shaved Head in Powerful “Stripped Bare” Music Video

Alyson Stoner Debuts Shaved Head in Powerful “Stripped Bare” Music Video

Alyson Stoner revealed a new look in her powerful and poignant music video for her song "Stripped Bare."

Stoner, who people may know from her many Disney Channel roles, released the video on Wednesday but hinted up to it in a number of Instagram posts in the days leading up to today.

"Stripped Bare" begins with the 25-year-old watching a montage of home videos from when she was a young girl. She then decides to take the VCRs and her video camera and hops into her white and green VW van. She parks it in a semi-abandoned parking spot and camps out there for a bit. The singer drives off to a second location and later on decides to take a pair of scissors and chop off her long hair, which she straightens out with an electric razor. It's clear the big decision is empowering for her, hence the song lyrics "And I'm finally cutting the strings. / Cuz I'm Stripped Bare, got nothin left."

With her newly buzzed hair, Stoner takes her old tapes and burns them all in a fire pit. After recording herself doing so, Stoner puts the cassette in her pocket and throws the video camera in the fire, too.

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