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With Its Lush Plum, Floral and Citrus Aroma, Amarige Perfume for Women by Givenchy Packs a Serious Punch.

AMARIGE Perfume by Givenchy - Amarige for women blasted onto the scene in the 1990's, and its scent is reminiscent of that time; the birth of the supermodel with oversized, luscious hair, plump lips and dangerous curves.

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Needless to say, Aramige is not for the faint of heart.

Just one drop of this deep, rich scent would be perfect for any woman who wants to tap into her inner diva for the night.


Amarige is simply a man-magnet.

You could blame it on the top notes of plum and violet; the middle notes of jasmine and black currant; the base notes of musk and vanilla, and that still would not tell the whole story.

This spicy, long-lasting fragrance settles into your body chemistry; nestles into your pores and transforms your DNA, turning you into a sultry vixen.


Amarige Fragrance by Givenchy Perfume for Women ReviewAmarige Fragrance by Givenchy Perfume for Women Review

Amarige is not for a Miss Kitten-rainbows-sunshine type.

Women who came of age in the 90's would appreciate this take on sex appeal and allure.

Be prepared to turn heads, as one whiff of Amarige becomes a master class in seduction and intrigue.

So put a smidgen of it on and saunter pass your husband, boyfriend or crush.

If you dare.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement