Angel By Thierry Mugler For Women. Eau De Parfum Review

Angel By Thierry Mugler For Women. Eau De Parfum Spray Refillable 3.4 oz

Angel by Thierry Mugler for Women is a beautifully crafted almost magical fragrance that been around since 1992.

There are hints of vanilla, patchouli and sandalwood that work together to create a feeling of warmth.

Those fragrance notes are accompanied by lighter notes like citrus and peaches.

To tie it all together Thierry Mugler added hints of caramel and chocolate.


Angel's ad campaign by Thierry Mugler, starring American actress Naomi Watts.

This fragrance is thought to bring about a childlike innocence and even evoke the memories of your childhood.

The fragrance notes used are ones that all of us can remember from our childhood homes.

Theirry Mugler times them together perfectly, allowing us to wear the scents of our past on our wrists in the present.


This fragrance is perfect for absolutely every woman.

It evokes the inner angel in each and every woman.

The fragrance is perfect for daytime and also transitions nicely into the evening and nighttime as well.


Angel by Thierry Mugler for Women is a scent that is impossible to put down in words.

Thierry Mugler takes such different fragrance notes and allows them to bring out the best in each other.

The only way to truly understand the beauty of this scent is to smell it for yourself.

You will not be let down.


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