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Fab, How to Apply Makeup for Beginners (step by step)

Hey babes!! I FINALLY recorded this video on how to apply makeup for beginners. I love natural looking makeup looks that are pretty and last all day! Whether you're a longtime follower or a newbie to my channel, this video is filled with all of my favorite tips and tricks for applying makeup.

Sometimes there are just so many products out in the market that it can get overwhelming. Where does one start!?! From prep and primers to highlighters and brows to learning how to best practices for using an illuminator, I am breaking it down for you guys step by step. This is so easy! Hope it helps 🙂

Video Transcript

hey guys it's me sazon and I just want
to love them all over you to my channel
today so I'm hoping that today in this
video that my everyday look something
that is going to be easy for you to just
walk through with me and understanding
just the power of makeup let's do this
I'm going to show you how to get that
glow the first thing you want to do
before you ever even start doing your
makeup is making sure that your skin is
clean I already washed my face and then
for my moisturizer I love Ola
Hendrickson's their sheer transformation
moisturizer and for me doubles up as a
primer a primer it's basically like when
you apply paint to a wall
you always apply the primer first this
is what's going to allow the makeup to
really latch on prepping the under eyes
is also really important I've been
loving to use is the charlotte tilbury
magic eye cream is so rich and hydrating
and when it comes to underneath the eyes
you really gotta get it right from the
beginning well what comes next after
your primer right the next thing I like
to do is color correct this is a step
that many of you may be able to skip
it's basically using different colors in
the spectrum from orange to purple to
green to yellow to basically enhance the
different parts of the face where you
don't have an even coloration or where
you have discoloration so for me
specifically I focus underneath the eyes
so what I like to do is use my favorite
color corrector Make Up For Ever Ultra
HD invisible cover concealer so the
thing that makes it a color corrector is
the shade r40 it's definitely along the
spectrum of being more peach orange and
so peach orange actually cancels out the
color blue you know on camera with the
lighting and stuff in my face it's kind
of hard to see but you know you can see
the blue veins pop and through the
peachy color is just going to be applied
with a flat foundation
brush and you definitely don't want to
be shy with the product you just want to
Pat it underneath your eyes and I love
that I applied my moisturizer for
underneath the eyes because already it
just glides on so smoothly put it
actually across my eyelid as well
because it actually works great to get
my eye color to be all one shade I got
these little makeup towels specifically
made for wiping your makeup as you do
your makeup because we're gonna be
wiping down the brushes as we go that's
really important because I think
sometimes we try to use one brush as
beginners that's one thing you want to
invest in before going out and buying
your favorite makeup products it's a
brush collection that you can count on
in the meantime I will say that I like
to put my brushes in a little plastic
cup so that I know exactly what I'm
looking for and it's right in front of
alright so after you apply your color
corrector the next thing you're going to
apply is your foundation so a foundation
that I love personally for years is the
Giorgio Armani luminous silk this is in
the shade 6.5 I think if you're somebody
that doesn't know where to start when it
comes to shopping for a foundation think
it's kind of figuring out like what is
kind of like your goal with your skin
like today do you want like oil-free
looking skin matte you want more of like
a glowy dewy look do you just want a
natural finish I mean there's so many
foundations to accommodate your every
need you need to see that it matches the
neck and it doesn't have to perfectly
blend I like to just go a tad bit
lighter because I know I'm gonna like
use a bronzer and all of that or no such
thing as the perfect foundation shade
and if you do find it hold on to it so
the next thing that I like to do now
that the foundation is slowly setting I
like to use a Beauty Blender that's
actually damp and then I will start
tapping it like this on the face so you
don't want to smear it you just want to
tap tap
tap-tap-tap never want to use it just a
dry Beautyblender I didn't know that by
the way for a while I feel like it's
more hydrating it feels nice and cool
but you definitely wanna make sure you
once you put it under the water and you
squeeze it out you doesn't want to use
that makeup towel I was telling you to
really wipe it and squeeze it because
sometimes there's been times where I'm
like oh it's too wet definitely get up
close and personal to the eyes using the
pointy side of the applicator and the
more that you blend it the more that the
product is obviously going to come on to
the Beautyblender and the more natural
to finish so the next thing I like to do
for my everyday makeup routine is
conceal two really important things when
it comes to concealer is the color and
the consistency a concealer that has
never disappointed me is my Tarte shaped
ape concealer in the shade medium and I
start out just by applying a couple of
dots right there and then around my nose
I need blemishes that's what concealer
is known for is to conceal anything that
you want to kind of hide as you can see
when I'm gonna start blending it with
that same Beauty Blender I kind of bring
it down a little further because there
is some excess product but I really take
my time here blending it in and I go up
to cuz I just want the eye area to be
bright that's always my main thing I'm
just gonna blend everything in we're
gonna move on to highlighting now I want
to really brighten and highlight the key
areas of my face that I want to just pop
so for me it's like my forehead this
this region kind of going up here a
little bit into the eyes my bridge of my
nose the Cupid's bow and a little bit of
using one of my ultimate favorite
highlighters it's actually a concealer
NARS custard is such a fun highlighter
all makeup artist who I know influencer
friends everybody loves NARS for
highlighting you know this obviously is
not something I do every single day but
just to kind of break it down for all my
beginners out there who wonder like
what's the point of a highlighter so you
definitely want to try to go to an area
of your beauty blender that's maybe a
little bit more clean so that you don't
mix all the other stuff so I'm gonna use
just the round part here to just blend
blend blend we're gonna move on to
setting the face first to set underneath
my eyes the region that I take very
seriously that we have to give its own
attention to my favorite under eye
brightening setting powder from Laura
Mercier it's her secret brightening
powder a lot of people apply this powder
with different types of brushes some
people really like to pack it on and
they actually use a Beauty Blender to
pack in the product but I'm really
somebody who like I said wants more of
an everyday natural finish so I use a
fan brush to get in there up close and
personal and to just gently tap the
powder into my eyes I can't live without
this product you guys and I think every
beginner needs this in her makeup kit
and I even bring it down a little bit
into this region where I highlighted
because I loved it that much I like my
skin looking pretty natural and fresh
with my finish but a lot of times when I
have my foundation my concealer I need a
little bit of extra translucent powder
so I use an even bigger fan brush I
personally like for that natural finish
also love this drugstore brand this is
from Maybelline their medium fit me
powder and just sweep it over the face
so what this is doing that it's getting
into those edges and into the creases
and into all those areas where I applied
foundation concealer so what would you
will address the brows so my brows as
you can see they've got a mind of their
own they're just naturally thick I've
been trying not to touch them so much
wheezing hurts waxing hurts threading
hurts I'm not trying to do any of that
if I don't have to love like a good brow
pencil that has like these little
applicator and little brushes and I use
that to just brush the brows it's kind
of like when we're doing our hair right
we just got to brush the hair for any
knots and stuff but the other side of
this pencil this is from Lancome it's
their brow pencil you never want to use
black on your eyebrows ladies even if
your hair looks like it's jet black you
always want to go a shade lighter so try
to keep that in mind with an eyebrow
pencil the goal is to really just fill
in the gaps that allows it to look more
natural I like to go back over it with a
brow gel this is the clear brow gel from
anastasia beverly hills to just brush
through my brows if your brows can be
unruly a brow gel is really worth having
in your makeup kit all right so the next
thing that we're gonna do is go back to
the face we are going to use our powder
contour so what a contour can do for you
is it can just give your face certain
dimension it can hide certain things
like the double chin one of the trends
for 2019 that I read was heavy contour
is out and I actually don't mind that at
all I love Too Faced their chocolate
Soleil bronzer comes in a variety of
shades like I said you want to go about
a shade and a half to two shades darker
than your natural skin tone depending
how contoured you want to look I am
using the shade medium deep use an
angled brush like this this is from
Laura Mercier really focus on the areas
where I want to define but for me those
areas are like my cheekbones so I just
grabbed the product and you just want to
swipe back and forth and then I bring a
little bit to the forehead area I
honestly like contouring not just for
like the illusion but just because it
makes me look
and that's like my vibe but I make sure
that I'm also blending it in so as I
swipe I also go over it in circular
motions to blend and if you for some
reason go crazy with the contour don't
think you take your makeup off again
just go right back to that translucent
brush that we had earlier and there's
some leftover product on it you can
soften the edges of your contour so that
it does look more natural and then for
the nose area that's just fun I think
it's so fun to contour the nose you
definitely want to use a smaller brush
the brush that I'm using is also from
Laura Mercier and it's almost perfect
for the nose so so the idea is you want
to make it look like you've got like
this skinny nose but some people really
overdo it the idea is for it to look
natural so you really have to blend
blend blend and then I like to use my
brightening the smaller fan brush to
blend that if I need to all around
because it's just going to soften the
entire area and now the power of the
faux glow every makeup look I'm sorry I
like to have a little illusion that I've
got some glow going on the famous
Instagram glow those videos that are
just oddly satisfying that we love to
see the glow you can already naturally
see where my light is picking up on my
cheek that's exactly where we're gonna
apply the illuminator I love Laura
Mercier's this is the holiday palette
that they had they launched it last year
they might still have it it's the magic
hour face illuminator palette it comes
in the shades addiction reflection
ambition and seduction so if you can see
these shades one's more gold one's more
pink ones a little rose gold pink and
then we've got the bronze I personally
like mixing these three shades I'll just
use my ring finger to mix the gold
pretty pinky pearly color and then this
rose gold pink and then right where the
light hits usually you create a C shape
that's where you want your umma nater
how soft this one glides onto the skin
because we've really focused on the prep
and I feel like because we really like
set everything in place this is now the
fun part where we can just create
the illusion of the things that we want
to see in our routine a radiance that
only makeup I feel at times can really
bring out so that's like the beauty of
it I also do the bridge of my nose so
just right here and then the tip of my
nose for right here I'm to do the inner
corner the tear ducts these are all
those high key areas you want to just
like maximize with the faux glow you see
this close right now I love it
next we're gonna add the blush and then
that's pretty much it
for the face I promise I know it seems
like this video is really long but I'm
really breaking down each step instead
of rushing through it for my blush I'm
gonna be using NARS in the shade dolce
I feel like dolce vita is really the
perfect blush color for girls my
skintone it seems like it's a deep
almost plum color if you put your blush
too close right here to your face your
nose between here and here what happens
is is you're you're kind of messing up
the highlighter that we did to brighten
the face so you want to stay away from
this area you can actually make your
face look like it's a little heavier I
like to just apply the blush almost like
you know half at the end of where my eye
pupil is the corner right there it's
kind of in this region is where I like
to apply my blush and I just dab it on
you know very lightly like that blended
in circular motions and again if you
have a heavy hand which I do when it
comes to putting salt in my food if you
have a heavy hand you can always again
go back to your handy-dandy translucent
powder whether it's this or the small
fan brush and just gently trying to stay
away from the glow you can always blend
it in more when it comes to eyeshadows
listen the sky is the limit you can do
whatever colors that make your heart
happy whatever it is that you want to do
for me I personally like staying in the
brown family pretty natural pretty
Chloe this brown sugar palette from
colour-pop is really one of my favorites
lately because it has all those bronzy
shade I was just talking about this can
really be my everyday palette so when it
comes to eyeshadows the first thing I
like to do is if you need to and your
eyelids get really oily and they get
creases in them a lot you can add an eye
shadow primer or a base on top of this
right now but because we've done a
pretty good job between the color
corrector the foundation the concealer
and the translucent powder I think I'm
pretty good so I'm just going to use the
shade jamocha and I always like to use
this for my crease starting out so the
crease of my eyelids I'm just gonna go
like in a circular motion using just a
very easy again blendable brush that I
can use for multiple steps in this part
and this is also from Smashbox I love
their brushes and I'm just going to
bring it out here and then with that
same brush you know we're gonna do we're
going to just blend it and the best
thing you can do for yourself is to not
touch your face while you're doing your
makeup you know like when you want to
pull it's just gonna create indentions
messiness fingerprints jars all that and
then I'm going to bring it actually all
the way down like this to just
accentuate the shape of my eye a smaller
brush dark soil shade I'm just gonna dip
it in there mix it with a little bit of
the shade next - it's like a smokier
brown apply it to the very tippy end of
my eyelid this is literally the easiest
eye makeup look that anybody I feel can
do it just almost gives the illusion
that you've got a smoky eye going on but
you're not really putting in that much
effort blend it out so you want to blend
it out and then you can even go back
with the brush that we used to create
the crease and just to blend the two in
like that to just soften it up and going
to apply now the Auburn shade in this
palette it's the color that has the
shimmer don't get too crazy with it so
for me I just like to keep it in the
center it just brings this kind of
bronzy finish to the eye going back in
with the
clean brush that we started with just
blending everything to clean up I'm
going to grab my eyeliner my NARS
waterproof long-wear eyeliner this is in
the shade larger than life this eyeliner
it just stays on all day like I am not
joking you when I take my makeup off at
night I'm like oh my gosh it's still on
and then you can really get the upper
waterline look at this like wow you know
this seems really creepy but the reason
that I do it this way is because my
eyelids aren't as large as I want them
to be so by me just doing the eyeliner
on top like we're naturally kind of
conditioned to do I actually feel like
it takes away from my eyelid and the
eyeshadow this is the really the first
eyeliner I have tried where I feel like
it honestly lasts all day and another
thing that I like to do though is when I
do go to my upper waterline I'll just go
to the very end like this so I'm gonna
bring out that length of my eye so just
to the end and I'll use a very defined
brush like this I will just use it to
blend out the eyeliner so even though it
is waterproof it is a gel liner so it's
easily blendable so once I bring it out
as far as I want with the other side and
I blend up like that so what this is
doing is it's making it look less cat
eye and more blended and almost like
lifting you know and ever if things get
messy you can always get a little
a concealer I mean to just clean up the
edges a little bit I'm gonna use one of
these scary-looking eyelash curlers if
you're new to makeup and if you don't
want to use it you don't have to I like
though the difference that a little lash
curling can do for my natural lashes
before I add my mascara when it comes to
mascara where's the one that I love that
I am married to right now my buxom oh my
gosh this buxom volumizing lash mascara
has just been one of my favorites to
have in my everyday makeup kit last but
not least it's actually the lips start I
love using Mac in the shade spice it is
really great in pigment so you don't
need a lot and the idea with lipliner is
to obviously line your natural lips but
if you want to go a little above the
line that's okay as long as you use your
finger to kind of blend it in to just
make it look a little bit more natural
I'm gonna use my new Marc Jacobs this is
in the shade sugar sugar my first time
using it but I thought it was a really
pretty nude shimmery pink trying to stay
in the line mmm alright so this was my
everyday kind of beginners guide to
doing an understanding makeup if you did
enjoy the video especially if you got
this far in the video I just please
PLEASE encourage you to click the
subscribe button on my channel and don't
forget to comment below letting me know
what you thought of this video and if
you want to see this become a series
it's so much fun and I thank you guys
for letting me do this so alright until
next time

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