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Asian Women Possess an Alluring Natural Exotic Pacific Beauty.

Asian skin color women are exposed to the same fashion and beauty advice, as a mark of excellence in the media that is pointed principally at white Caucasian ladies.

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It is essential to know about the subtle differences between the two in spite of the fact that the beauty ideas are comparable.

Appreciating the difference in skin color, eyes and hair of Asian Pacific ladies it's the essential part to making the most of their natural exotic beauty.

What functions admirably for blond hair, blue eyes European ladies may demonstrate to be an ill suited fiasco for women of other ethnic groups.

The yellow and brilliant golden skin tones and exotic eye shape are the most exceptional difference that Asian skin women enjoy over ladies of different races...


And these are just the very highlights that ought to be accentuated to make a naturally beautiful bold effect.

An Asians ladies eyes are not only her best asset but also her biggest challenge when it comes to applying make-up, the cosmetic industry has developed cosmetics specifically designed to suit and enhance Asian skin tones.

Asian women think that they should use foundations and powder in shades of mainly pink that counteracts their natural skin tones. As a rule this creates an unnatural look.

The utilization of yellow shaded facial products creates a naturally alluring clear present day look and does not make the skin increasingly yellow looking, as many Oriental women believe.


Picking The Correct Eye Shadow Brush and Shade for Asian Skin Color.

Pick a brush with great quality fibers, the perfect width ought to be 3/5 of the space between your eyebrows and upper lash line when your eyes are open.

Experiment with eye shadow hues that you think look great on you, for work and daytime consider natural color shades.

For looking extraordinary going for a night out attempt more brilliant shades to give more emphasis to your normally wonderful almond eye shape.

Coral, orange or light grey can complement your skin shade and looks in vogue, up to date and fashionable. Although broadly utilized, be cautious with certain tans, and browns which can give a dated look.


It's amusing to experiment with eye shadows and liners and you can get some extraordinary effects.

Use a tapered contoured crease brush to create depth and size for the eyes. Eye lining pencils are the most important eye makeup tool for controlling the look of your eyes.

By drawing the line past the outer corner of the eye and blending it upwards you can emphasize the naturally longer and exotic look of your beautiful Asian eyes.


Five Asian Skincare Secrets

All right, so let's begin hello everyone and welcome back to another video.

For today's video I will be spelling out my skincare secrets, if you want to know what questions our secrets are just keep on watching

Alright so before heading to what my skincare secrets are I'll tell you a little bit of background before my skin was before. Before I felt it got better.

Growing up I had trouble skin I had pimples all over my forehead and they were not little, I mean they were a lot, there were a lot of them on my forehead and they just want them to go away.

I, I've never tried anything when I was a kid to fix them because I don't really know how, but they were really troubling me and I felt that my confidence was just going out the door because yes.

You know pimples and girls we are not friends I had pimples on my cheek areas all the time, they were not the red ones but they were the big ones that you can't really see the pimple head and they will just be there, they were so painful and there.

I have oily combination acne prone skin, so yes that is the background of this face right here, that's what I have and through time I have learned how my skin works, and now I do know.


My first skin care secret would be this...

Number one always double cleanse.

I emphasize on the word double, double cleanse, I always double cleanse I don't really wear makeup every day because I don't need to when I go to work, I just come as is to work.

I just usually put on a little bit of sunscreen or sometimes if I'm feeling a little bit glam on that day I would put a little bit of baby cream but that's it.

Still at the end of the day you know you have to wash your face but I always double cleanse, so I will show you some of the items that I use and, before washing my face I would cleanse it with this one is a ponds cold cleanser.

I've seen this one before with my mom's stuff I don't even know what it was but I just saw it, and at the end of the day I always double cleanse whether I have makeup or not I do it.


So first would be doing that, and then I would remove it with a cotton pad right here, then of course your face was still so oily because you know it's a bomb type.

After that I would get either makeup wipes this is the one that I'm currently using from Mumuso, yes I would get a makeup wipe to wipe off all the excess that the cotton pad has not removed.

Or if I don't have a makeup wipe with me I would get, you know in Micellar Water which is the one I'm using right here.

So our skincare number one is double cleanse if I have makeup on I'd triple cleanse, meaning I do all of that literally everything should be gone at the end of the day, emphasis on that double cleanse.


Skincare secret number two would come as a surprise because.

It's something I don't think other girls really do, don't really do, but if you do please tell me down below, we're sisters ha, ha, ha mmm.

I don't apply my toner ever with a cotton pad, I don't apply my cotton every with a cotton pad, ever since the year 2009 when I discovered lush, lush was actually my first type of toner that I just spray on my face.

I have never applied my toner using a cotton pad ever since year 2010 and, and what I do is I put it in a spray bottle right like this and put it in the refrigerator so it's cold and after I take my bath or my shower I would go and spritz it on so that my pores would close.

The one I'm using is actually for Thayers I got this from healthy options it's a witch hazels toner and it's an alcohol-free toner, and so this is what I do.

I just put it in the freezer not a freezer, I put it in the refrigerator and spray it on, I never apply my toner with cotton pads.


Skin care secret number three is always take a bath or wash your face with warm water.

Warm water opens your pores and when your pores are open everything that has been stuck in your pores will just easily come off.

If it's summer now that you are you know it's hot, and you just want to have a refreshing bath, I still do it, after that I would, wash my face with cold water.

Yes cold water and then boom but I make sure I open my pores clean them out, and then literally close it with cold water. Okay that's secret number 3.


My skincare secret number four is mask regularly.

Yes every since I have discovered masking, you know mud masking, also using sheet mask, I have discovered that my skin has gotten better, definitely better.

I mask every two or three times a week depending on the needs of my skin and I make sure that I choose the right mask for the specific problem that I and currently having on that day.

Your skin will thank you for masking regularly and I have been doing that all the time, I am a masking girl.


Secret number five is something that I eat on a regular basis.

I take this girl's everyday no fail, and I have been doing this for a year now I have seen the difference whit my skin and it is, take probiotics, yes I do take probiotics regularly.

What do you mean by probiotics?

Probiotics are actually good bacteria as you have shown 'ok cabba chan', and no matter how much you take care of your skin outside there will still be effect on the food you eat, inside you have to clean too.

Probiotics will clean your gut it will cleanse out all the toxins that we have taken, you know that you have eating the previous day before, if I don't take yogurt at night I would take one of these.


These are not expensive girls to this day, every day if I can. Which I do I have to no avail I would go and consume this.

So go and buy your gold, now I'm 80 years old, that is one of my skincare secrets I have noticed that my skin has gotten better because of that, and it's just amazing, thumbs up to that.


My 5 Skincare Tips At a Glance Are:

  1. First tip is double cleanse.
  2. Second tip is that don't apply your toner with cotton pads.
  3. Tip number three is take a bath with warm water and make sure to douse your skin with cold water.
  4. Tip number four is mask regularly
  5. And tip number five is take probiotics regularly.


So that's it for my skincare secrets they are very.

Very simple actually they are almost pretty much free, you can do it at home, definitely you can do it at home, and you don't really need to spend thousands and thousands of pesos on stuff that actually don't really work.

Taking care of your skin starts from understanding what your skin type is and what skin care you should be doing and making sure at the end of the day of your face is clean and that you have a good diet.


Products Mentioned:

  • Ponds cold cream
  • MUMUSO makeup wipes
  • The Saem Micellar Water
  • Yakult ( Original)
  • Hacienda Macalauan 3 Cows Yogurt


That's it for this video I hope you enjoyed it and if you do make sure to leave a comment down below I will be reading them and if you have any skin care tips or any skincare secrets please let me know I would love to know all of those.

I'll see you again next time go and stay pretty.






CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement