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Common Asian Skin Care Problems

Asian Skin Care Problems - For some Asian people, it can be quite frustrating that no matter how they try to pay attention to their skin, some skin problems just keep coming back.

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Asian Skin Care Problems Tips for Oriental Women
It is a fact that Asian skin is unique, and there are several factors that can affect your skin.

One of the most common concerns of Asian women, in particular, are large skin pores.

These pores actually seem bigger than what you would expect skin pores to be.

The worse part of this is that they can get dark and they may even get inflamed if not taken care of.

In addition, these enlarged skin pores can easily make the skin look dull.

The best way to deal with your pores is by exfoliating on a daily basis, plus of course cleansing your face with gentle facial cleansers.


Oil treatment will also be of big help and can give the skin a beautiful glow.

Dark spots are also common among Asians.

These are considered signs of aging.

The way to prevent this is by making sure that the skin is protected with proper sunscreen or sun block creams.

It is not enough that you use SPF 4 as this is in fact proven not to be good enough to prevent skin cancer.

Sunscreens with SPF 15 to 30 are the most ideal ones as they can even act as anti wrinkle agents as well as to prevent skin discoloration.


There are many skin care products out there that are tailor made for Asian skin.

If you use a skin care product that is not for your skin type, you are putting your skin at risk.

Therefore you have to make sure that before you start applying anything on your skin, you know its ingredients.

In general, Asian skin needs something that is mild and as much as possible without strong scents or fragrances.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement