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Latin Skin Color Ladies Are Absolutely Some of The Most Provocative and Beautiful Ladies on The Planet!

Hardly any individuals will differ with that announcement, yet Latin skin color ladies are likewise as changed as they are lovely.

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In Mexico you will discover staggering Latin young ladies descended from the indigenous dark haired Aztec delights and the Spanish and Portuguese beauties.

Peruvian ladies are girls born of delightful Incan Princesses ancestry, and the ladies of Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia all have their very own trademark excellence and beauty also.

Brazilian ladies are descended not just from a blend of Europeans and Native Americans, but in addition from African ladies who were brought over to the New World as slaves, so it is no big surprise that these stunning Brazilian women are so outlandishly lovely.


Peruvian young ladies and Brazilian young ladies in certain territories have likewise got Asian blood (generally from Japanese and Chinese young ladies) that originates from the Asian movement in the last century or thereabouts.

With such an assortment and sound blend of qualities from everywhere throughout the world, it is not really astonishing that Latin ladies are the picture of magnificence with their well proportioned tanned bodies shining in the tropical sun!

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Latin Skin Women - Drugstore Back to School Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video. I tried to do this as simple and affordable as possible.

I'll be showing you how to create this easy get affordable back to school makeup look of course all the products mentioned in this video will be linked down below.

Also if you're new here hi welcome I would love for you to hit the subscribe button to make sure you turn on the little belt icon down below so that you're notified whenever I post a new video.


And without further ado let's get started.

Alright guys so after moisturizing my face I'm gonna go ahead and spray my face with some Mario Badescu Rose Water.

Then the next step I like to do is actually carve out my brows, with concealer first before filling them in, I find it that I have more control over the amount of product I put on my brow by doing this step first.

Because I always try to apply the least amount of brow product I can just to give it the more natural look, and the concealer I will be using today is the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, and this is in the shade light 10, so that's what I'm gonna do first is just carve out my brows.


So I'm gonna go ahead and fill my brows with the Loreal Brow Stylist Definer.

It's supposed to be a dupe for the Anasazi of Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, so there's one brow done, I'm gonna go ahead and do the other brow off-camera and I'll be right back.

All right now like both brows on I'm gonna go ahead and set my brows with some translucent powder, this I actually like to do this step because it just lightens up my brow makes it look more natural, and it just helps diffuse the product in the front of my brow.

All right now listen guys my brows will always be sisters never twins. All right now that I'm done with the brows I'm gonna go ahead and move on to foundation,


The foundation I'm gonna be using today is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation I am in the shade 238 which this one right here.

This is actually one of my favorite drugstore foundations, I love matte foundations because I'm really oily, so with this I just like to take a little bit of foundation, not a lot just enough to cover all the imperfections on your face.

So you can even mix in your moisturizer with it to help dilute the foundation, but I just go ahead and just apply just a little bit in the areas I need more coverage on.


So just like around my cheeks mostly just right here, I like to keep it very, very light almost like skin so I'm gonna go ahead and just apply a light layer of foundation, you know we want to look as natural as possible.

Gotta hide this pimple right here that I got overnight, all right now that I'm done with my foundation.


The next step I like to do is bronze.

For bronzer I will be mixing this bronzer from ELF it looks like this it's just a little compact it comes with both a bronzer and a blush, this is called Saint Lucia so I'm gonna go ahead and be taking this bronzer just to bronze my face.

So I'm gonna go ahead and take a fluffy brush just dip in and just start bronzing, my hairs just keep getting in the way, you know just some light, the goal is to just look a little sunkissed.

Like if you're naturally just bronzy like this, you can even apply to the chin I just like to put, kind of apply this everywhere then just a quick contour on the nose, now that we are all done bronzing our face.


The next thing I'm gonna do is take some blush this is the Loreal Paradise Enchanted.

I guess it's part of their like peach collection that they did, and this one's in the shade just curious it is such a beautiful blush.

Just we can't look at this blush, this is such a bomb blush I just love peach blushes I will never be wearing, you will never catch me wearing a pink blush, or like those really dark poppy blushes no I love peach blushes.


This is such a beautiful bush and it smells like peaches too, and it's super affordable, this might actually be my new favorite blush I actually bought it when I went to CVS because I saw some, I forgot who I saw using it, and I thought it was just the prettiest color ever.

And when I saw it I'm like okay I have to get it and now I'm like obsessed with it, I think this might actually be my new favorite blush which I'm excited about because I'm not a big fan of blushes, so when I find on I really like I usually stick to it for like the longest time.

Okay and this blush I don't know if you can see it through camera, but the blush itself already has little specks of shimmer, so it already just makes me look even more glowy.


All right and for highlighter today I'm gonna be using the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter Flexitarian.

This is such a nice highlighter and super inexpensive, so the highlighter looks like this, and this is honestly one of my favorite affordable, highlighters and what I like to do is I like to take my Beauty Blender and just, dip into it and then just apply the highlighter to the to the top of my cheek like so.

It just helps it blend it in easier because we never want like a streak of highlighter, so I find this is the best way to apply highlighter is by going in with your beauty sponge, and just lightly pressing it onto your skin.

With the brush it makes it really intense which is what I always strive for, I love a really intense highlight I know it might not be some people's cup of tea, but I love to glow, now just a little on the forehead, on the chin, on the Cupid's bow, I feel like this side needs a little more.

Now for my favorite part of my entire makeup routine is highlighting your nose, calm down I get carried away with highlighters but I mean who doesn't.


Alright the next step I'm gonna do is apply some brow gel to my brows.

I couldn't find a drugstore brow, well I can, I'm not going to say I can't find one, I just forgot to buy one, so the brow gel that I'm gonna be using is from Benefit it is the Ready Set brow this is honestly one of my favorite brow gels.

And this is what helps me get the more feathered outlook for my brows, so I just comb up, same thing on this one, brow job really does make a difference, some people might not think it's important but it is to me because it keeps my brows in place and it keeps a product in place as well.


Alright the next thing we need to do is we're gonna move on to lips.

My favorite lip liner is from Morphe, in the shade honeymoon, so I'm gonna go ahead and just line my lips real quickly, you know just a little over lying on the top lip doesn't hurt anybody.

Also I noticed that my top lip doesn't have a shape it's just kind of like that, so I always like to try and define my Cupid's bow just a little bit more, and I usually just like to blend it out just a little with my finger.

And then I'm gonna go ahead and go in with the Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer this one is in the shade unreal it looks like this, this is such a pretty color too and it goes perfect with the lip liner, all right the lips are done.


I just realized I totally forgot to do mascara.

The mascara I'm gonna be using today is the collaboration with Shayla and Maybelline it is the Big Shot Mascara and the shade bat is black.

So I'm gonna go ahead and apply some mascara, I like to do like a light coat usually because it's a more natural eye look and honestly this is like my least favorite set of my makeup routine I absolutely hate applying mascara I don't know what it is.

It's probably because my lashes are small so I usually don't see a difference when I apply mascara, but this is my least favorite step.


I like to set our faces I usually like to go in with two different ones.

The first one I like to go in with is by the brand E.l.f and it's the Beauty Shield Makeup Mist which looks like this, really inexpensive and it's really good I like the way it feels it's kind of like hydrating my face, it gives my face of boost of hydration.

I'm just wait for it to dry alright and lastly to make my makeup last all day I'm going in with the Milani Make it Last Setting Spray which looks like this, this is one of my favorites.


This in my opinion is better than the Urban Decay All Nighter, this is $10 and the Urban Decay All Nighter is like 38 dollars so I highly recommend you guys check this out,.

It smells really good too, this one smells good the Urban Decay for me smells really bad, alright just let that dry one more time.


Alright and this concludes the end of this makeup look I hope you guys enjoyed, of course I will have all the products I used linked down below, don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe and I will catch you guys on my next video, bye guys!


Luv u guyssss!

Kellsey Flores


Products Used:

  • Mario Badescu Rose Water
  • Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
  • Loreal Brow Stylist Definer
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation
  • Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder
  • Loreal Paradise Enchanted Blush
  • Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter
  • The Colossal Big Shot Mascara x Shayla
  • Morphe lip liner // Honeymoon
  • Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer // Unreal
  • Milani Make it Last Setting Spray
  • E.l.f Beauty Shield Makeup Mist
  • Benefit 24hr brow gel setter





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