Cooler Master’s MM830 Mouse Includes a D-Pad

Cooler Master’s MM830 Mouse Includes a D-Pad

A gaming mouse aimed at MMO players with a D-Pad available under your thumb, a 24,000dpi sensor, Omron switches, an embedded OLED screen, 16.7 million-color light show across four zones, and a 32-bit ARM processor inside making everything work.

There isn't that much room for buttons on a mouse, but Cooler Master managed to integrate a D-Pad into its latest gaming mouse aimed at people who enjoy playing massively multiplayer online (MMO) games.

The MM830 is Cooler Master's first MMO mouse, weighing in at 162 grams with a 1.8 meter braided USB cable. Inside there's a 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB of storage, five programmable profiles, eight programmable buttons including that D-Pad, and Omron switches rated at 20 million clicks.

The sensor is a Pixart 3360 Optical, offering four DPI presets from 100dpi right up to 24,000dpi and complimented by a 1ms polling rate and 2mm lift-off distance limit which can be adjusted. The scroll wheel uses a Japanese ALPS encoder to minimize "jamming and stickiness" while improving accuracy. So yes, this is going to be an extremely accurate mouse depending on the settings you choose.

Beyond the precision and button options on the mouse, Cooler Master also managed to integrate a 94-by-26 pixel OLED display and four-zone LED lighting capable of displaying 16.7 million colors. The lightshow can be adjusted to your liking and the little OLED screen can show stats, banners, clan emblems, or custom colors to represent your team or characters.


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The integration of the D-Pad into the left side of the mouse is clever as it will sit directly under the thumb. But more than that, the D-Pad shape will make it easier for users to know which button they are about to press without needing to look or use trial and error until it becomes muscle memory.

The Cooler Master MM830 Gaming Mouse is already available to purchase for $74.99.

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