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Pat McGrath Labs Decadence Palette Tutorial

You guys have been asking for another tutorial on this, so here ya go!! Congrats to those that fought there way to secure the palette during the Star Wars release! I hope this tutorial inspires you!

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Decadence Palette Tutorial Video Transcript...

hi guys what is up welcome to my channel

so for today's video I am going to be

doing a tutorial using the Pat McGrath

decadence eyeshadow palette you guys

have asked me to do a tutorial on this

because she recently re-released this

palette so this came out well over a

year ago and it was limited edition and

you really couldn't get your hands on it

until she released this palette in her

Star Wars collection now unfortunately

it sold out really fast and Pat McGrath

like has changed her marketing to where

she sells out of everything and I'm not

buying it I really truly feel like it's

a marketing technique which is extremely



I have so many people begging for this

palette I just don't understand how they

could sell out of this now it's so fast

but I know I'm not the only one where

I'm kind of annoyed at what's been going

on with her brand over the past few

months as far as receiving products

trying to order products it's just been

not the greatest experience but

nonetheless this palette is absolutely

gorgeous so for those of you who did get

the chance to pick it up or already own

it I wanted to do a whole tutorial for

you guys so I played with more of the

gray tones for this particular look I do

have two other looks on my channel I

have more of a warm red look in the

original review of this palette and then

a separate video doing a really blue

silver kind of look and so now we have

this so anyways if you want to see how I

did this look then just keep watching




all right

so we are going to start off with the

eyes so that nothing gets on my face

while I'm working on this look so for my

base I'm using the NARS soft matte

concealer this is in the shade creme

Brule and it's a little bit lighter than

I would prefer for my personal skin tone

but it works just fine




so I've done a couple of looks already

using the decadence palette on my

channel so I wanted to do it something

different so I decided to play with more

of the cool toned colors and cool tombs

seem to be very in so using a Mac 224

I'm gonna dig into this Navy color right

here so even though this color is

shimmery I promise you use the light

hand you can definitely make it work as

a base color and I'm just a blending

this on the outer half of my crease and

really going to work on softening that





the next shade that we're digging into

is this crazy

taupe kind of color right here this

shade is going to be applied to the

inner half of the lid it's a very

stunning shade I feel like this would

look really good with some brown shades

in the crease but it also complements

the navy very well too so next we're

taking this shimmery charcoal gray color

and this we are going to work onto the

outer half of that lid and this is very

gunmetal II very wet so it does need

pressed onto the skin if you are working

with a brush I'm taking this refere p-10

a brush and I'm going to use that to

kind of blend everything to make it seem

more seamless


to brighten the look we're going to take

this silver shade using a pencil brush

for this and this as you can see is one

of the most insane Silver's ever so I

almost want to tone it down just a

little bit and I'm blending it up to

brighten up that look okay and then I'm

just taking a clean paper towel clean up

this area down here so I'm going to use

a voice over for the face and I'm

starting off with my Pat McGrath Labs

skin fetish sublime perfection primer

and I'm just going to use that as the

base for my face next I'm using my Pat

McGrath Labs skin fetish sublime

perfection foundation as my base today

and this foundation was quite

controversial but honestly I really like

it I love how lightweight it feels on

the skin and how natural it looks

as far as foundation application goats I

prefer to use my fingers to spread the

product out as thin as possible and then

I like to go in with the sponge to press

and buff that into the skin as much as



I'm using my NARS soft matte concealer

as the concealer under my eyes I really

like how this lays on the skin and how

easy it is to use for being a cream

concealer that's in a jar next I'm using

the Pat McGrath labs setting powder just

to go with the primer and foundation on

my skin and I normally just set along

the under eyes and in the t-zone area

where I find that I get oily throughout

the day next I am reaching into my

hourglass ambient edit palette and you

guys I've been using this non-stop

recently I loved it when it first came

out and I set it out on my desk and now

I can't stop using it once again it's

amazing so I'm using the bronze color to

bronze my face and in a few moments you

will see me grabbing a blush as well

from this palette




from the Pat McGrath sublime skin

highlighting trio I'm taking the pinky

shade I'm using that for my highlighter

today all right we're gonna pause the

voice-over now we're coming back to it

the eyes so what I decided to do for the

eyes is I really want to play on the

dark charcoal color a lot so I'm gonna

take that pencil brush with this

I'm gonna run it along my lower lash

line it's gonna be a very dark look

today but I'm living for it and when you

use a small concentrated brush like this

do you see how deep that color goes kind

of flick it up up here so I know this

look is very very simple but hopefully

it inspires you to play with these

really cool gray tones that seem to be

coming back in style


so I mean overall right now the look I

mean it's looking crazy so I'm gonna do

a voiceover for liner and lashes so that

you can see everything kind of transform

I'm taking the color pop cream gel liner

in the shade showdown which is a navy

and I'm applying that to my waterline

Here I am curling my eyelashes and I'm

just using the colour-pop volumizing at

mascara for eyelashes today I'm using

these Lily lashes in the style Houston

I've never used these before they were

actually very pretty not the most

comfortable lashes but they really

complimented the look very well also I

really tried to show you how I applied

eyelashes but as you can see I failed I

failed bad


for lips I'm starting off by lining them

with the Pat McGrath liner in the shade

done on done it's a nude color that's

very similar to my natural lip color the

lipstick that I'm choosing to use today

is the Pat McGrath lipstick in the shade

Vampira lip gloss in the shade dare to

bare alright so here is the final look

using it the Pat McGrath decadence

palette I hope you guys enjoyed it I

really love the cool tone kind of smokey

eye that we have going on there is

surprisingly a lot of really cool and

different looks that you can create with

this palette so if you go to my youtube

channel and then you just search up Pat

McGrath decadence the other two

tutorials that I have using this palette

will be up I have like a blue and silver

smokey eye and then a look using the

more red tones and then we have this one

using the more grey tones so I hope you

guys enjoyed this tutorial let me know

what you think down below the look did

you end up getting your hands on it

during it maybe Star Wars release I need

to know I heard we had a lot of

unsuccessful attempts which is so

annoying but anyways thank you guys so

much for watching at this video if you

are not yet subscribe to my channel I

sure do hope you take the time to do so

and I will see you guys in the next one

bye guys have a good one





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