Easter greetings and traditions: How to celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday this weeke | World | News

Easter greetings and traditions: How to celebrate Good Friday and Easter Sunday this weeke | World | News

From chocolate eggs to Easter bunnies, roast lamb and Easter egg hunts, there are lots of Easter traditions. The Christian holiday celebrates the resurrection of Christ following his crucifixion. But many use the holiday to overindulge with chocolate eggs and hot cross buns instead. Easter is always celebrated in spring although the date of Easter changes every year because it is based on a lunar calendar.

As a springtime festival, Easter is a mix of Christian traditions combined with a celebration of the new life that spring brings.

How to celebrate Good Friday

Good Friday is the last Friday before Easter Sunday and marks the start of Easter weekend.

This year Good Friday is on April 19 and is a bank holiday in the UK.

Some Christians choose to go to church on Good Friday as it commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus on the Cross.

Good Friday is also known as Black Friday, Holy Friday and Great Friday.

Most Britons will enjoy a day off and may choose to spend it will family.

How to celebrate Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is often a day that families spend together.

Easter Sunday is an important day in the Christian calendar as it marks the end of Lent.

In the bible, it is the day on which Jesus was brought back to life following his crucifixion.

May Christians will attend church for a special Easter Sunday service.

Friends and family come together to have a special Easter Sunday lunch.

In the UK roast lamb is often eaten, as it’s a seasonal meat.

Chocolate eggs are gifted between family and friends and are eaten to celebrate the end of Lent.

Eggs are a symbol of Easter because they symbolise the fertility of springtime and the new life of Christ.

Easter egg hunts are often organised for children on Easter Sunday.

Adults hide the eggs around the house or outside and then children have to hunt them out and find them.

Easter greetings

A traditional Easter greeting in the UK is “Happy Easter.”

People will say “Happy Easter” to those they meet throughout Easter weekend.

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