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Dope - EASY Fall Makeup Tutorial

hello lovey bebo it's officially sweater

ooh like how I said that sweater weather
it feels so nice pronouncing that
sweater weather sweater weather
I know it's it's just so nice anyways
it's officially faux I had to Google one
- before begins because I had no idea
and let me tell you folk he's been here
for a while and it starts on September
23rd so if you didn't know no you know
just some random information today I
decided to do a faux inspired look I
love the orange shades on the eyes the
darker lip color everything about this
look has that full vibe so I hope you
guys like it and let me show you how I
created it comes only bomb on my lips
before we get started and I haven't
styled my hair you know messy bun for so
long it's probably been a couple of
months I could've missed the bun wife
let me know down in the comments how
often you wear your hair in a bun I
should wear mine like this more often I
think so starting off by priming the
face embrace the Laura Mercier
foundation primer what I applied on my
face using a brush

I think that it's best if you can use
your fingers to play your primers
however I did something see before I
started recording this video I applied
some hand cream on my hands and I don't
want to mix the primer with the hand
cream and apply that on my face so
that's why I'm using brush however if
your hands are ou clean definitely use
them to apply your primer all right
oh nice and primed gonna spray my face
with the tired stays pray for
foundations I'm gonna shake them first
I'm gonna use this with authentic skin
foundation in the shades ambition and
charismatic charismatic is a little bit
too dark for me I'm gonna take two pumps
from it in one pump of ambition while
it's on the back of my hand and I mixed
him up I used to use the handles of my
brushes to mix my foundations but I
wasn't bleeding in after that and I was
forgetting that I had foundation on the
handle of that brush and everything was
getting so messy and now I'm just using
a q-tip and once I'm done I just throw
it away and everything is nice and clean
I knew that I would love this foundation
it's just so lightweight I know that I
would love it ever since I first tried
it out it's the consistency that I'm
looking for it gives me that medium
coverage it's just nice it's a nice

and I'm switching to a brush and I'm
bringing it all the way down my neck and
now whatever I have another brush I just
brush it through my hairline to get some
product there you don't want to apply
foundation your hairline so use whatever
you have left on your brush to bring it
on your hairline especially if the
foundation is not 100% matching with
your skin I should have used two pumps
of the lighter shade I think this is a
little bit too dark for me just a tiny
bit but we're gonna make it work quickly
moving on to the brows getting rid of
any foundation that I might have on them
look all this foundation was on my brows
I'm gonna brush them up with some clear
brow gel this is the benefit 24 hours
browser you guys will get that piece of


it's like I have one of those I don't
know how they're code I'm gonna insert a
photo here I don't know how these are
code but it looks like I have one of
those and the top of my head look at

it moves exactly like them bobby pin II
done from a browser you some brother
this will make them look a little bit
more natural it will give them a little
bit more soft finish so I'm using the
Sigma color plus shade rapid or in


and quickly cleaning up the bottom of my
brows with some concealer but I'm gonna
also bring some of that same concealer
all on my eyelids and use it as an
eyeshadow primer I want to keep the days
I look as simple as possible so I'm
taking these morphe 35o 2 palette
shadows look like this inside and always
losing those and Murphy has the name of
the eyeshadow is written on this how are
these code I keep forgetting my English
today paper that's not paper it's like
nylon I don't know

plastic anyways I'm gonna lose that in
the next two minutes so yeah forget
about it they need to have the name of
the eyeshadow it's like oh oh my nail
I'm sorry little I feel they should have
the names of the eyeshadows written
somewhere here right so anyways I'm
gonna start off by taking these first
color here I'm applying it all over my

oh that's a very nice kind of like
pumpkin color and now I'm gonna switch
to a clean blending brush this is the
Sigma e25 and I'll start diffusing the
edges then I'm gonna go in with this
darker shade here I'm taking it again on
that Sigma e25 and I'm bringing it in
the outer third of my I did a tiny
little bit of this color as well as you
can though it's way way darker than this
one but I wanna add some depth in the
outer corner of my eyes so that's what
I'm using it for switching the clean
blending brush and blending everything

oh now these are the perfect fall colors
so really I really love how this look is
coming out and I don't want to make it
more intense of course I'm gonna add
some eyeliner and Foley's but I don't
want to load it with too many eyeshadows
I could add shimmers I was planning on
doing that but I'm not gonna read it is
very difficult for me to skip them but I
think that since we're doing a little
bit more dark looking we're going to be
wearing more direct lips let's try to
keep the eyes a little bit more toned
down they're not gonna be like super ito
and done but let's not load them with
too many stuff I'm gonna create a nice
baby wink using the Sigma gel eyeliner
in a wicked this is by the way a fresh


it's a good eyeliner day for me today
I'm gonna go ahead and finish the face
makeup and then I'll go back to the eyes
I like applying my falsies towards the
end of my makeup routine before I use
any concealer under my eyes I like
removing most of the foundation that I
have on there because that way I'm
learning is little product under my eyes
as possible I find out when I use some
color corrector writing this little area

everything looks so much better and the
concealer does so much better job that
neutralizes that blue color that I have
here for concealer I'm taking my NARS
radiant creamy concealer I will always
add just a tiny little bit of my tired
shape tape in the shade light neutral
just a little bit like this

I'm setting the places on my face where
I usually get a little bit more oily
which is you know the center of my
forehead down my nose the sides of my
nose my chin and whatever I have on my
brush I'm just bringing it in the areas
where I'm gonna apply my bronzer bronzer
my blush and my contour and a little bit
under my eyes to lock that concealer in
place I think I basically said my entire
face powder makes my makeup last longer
however I would not use any powder on
the days that I feel like my skin is too
dry if my skin is too dry the powder
will make my makeup look so bad so it
really depends on the condition of my
skin if I'm gonna use powder or not
contour contouring contouring now for
contouring I'll go with my giving a Quan
sculpting powder


moving on to the blush this is the color
pop fresh in peachy let's bring some
highlights and glow to the skin this is
going to be the first time that I'm
trying out this milk makeup flex
highlighter in the shade late that's

like liquid glowy okay I might here used
a little bit too much here you're gonna
take my sponge straight with some
setting spray this again that tired stay
spray just press it on this area here
and see how this pretty quickly tone it

Oh from these two days this makes every
highlighter look so much more natural
you guys I promise you if you try
spraying your sponge with some setting
spray and then pressing it on top of
your hair you'll see a huge difference
on how your highlighter looks it's an
extra step but it's so worth it okay so
that's pretty much all for the face
makeup now going back to the eyes I
didn't thought that these eyeshadow
would be so pretty like I thought it
would be a little bit more like a pale
kind of orange shade but it's as I said
it's a really nice pumpkin color but
we're talking about pumpkins I a few
months ago I tried to make pumpkin soup
I tried three times it was okay but
there was something that wasn't going
right I tried three different recipes I
don't know if I was doing something
wrong or the recipes wasn't the best I
just couldn't figure out why I didn't
love it

I've never had a pumpkin soup made by
somebody else I probably should it was a
gay but not something that I would crave
ever again anyways I don't know I know
how I even started talking about
pumpkins hope it's your random but I'm
going bye

that first eyeshadow that I used I'm
taking it a nice flat brush and I'm
gonna bring it under my eyes it's the
pumpkin shop season right now and you
guys if you I'm sure that most of you
know how a pumpkin soup looks like but
it looks so vibrant and so delicious
like that really nice orange color ah
it's like this must taste amazing and
then you taste it and it's like okay
we're really curious to know if it's
just me I can't figure it out now wanna
take some of this shade and also bring
it under my eyes I'm keeping it mainly
in the outer half of my eyes or my
falsies today I'm gonna go with this
part here by house of lashes these are
called siren double and boom what is our
own I think all we have left are the
lips so I'm super super excited for
these bolder lip color that I'm gonna be
wearing today I'm gonna start off by
lining my lips with this depends you by
Lord and berry


and I'm gonna finish it up which I'm
setting spray I have some setting
sprayed my nose and this is our final
look I just love how it came out you
guys I think I'm gonna call this look
pumpkin so smug yeah it's so random the
colors are different they're not as
saturated as the pumpkin soup ones but I
mean it's pretty it's nice it's full
it's pumpkin inspired thunking /fo
inspired oh no I just realized I forgot
to put on earrings if I had pumpkin
earrings like small these size little
pumpkins I would definitely wear them
today okay I need to stop talking about
pumpkin I hope you guys enjoyed watching
this video if you did please don't
forget to give it a big thumbs up and
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so so so much for watching and hopefully
I'll see you in my next one




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CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement