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Fashion Tips and Style Advice - How to Accessorize an Outfit.

What Do Fashion Accessories Include - Is it true that you are keen on refreshing your appearance regarding style?

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Assuming this is the case, you might need to analyze not just the latest stylish trends in fashion, but in addition you might need to look at the latest trends in fashion accessories and style extras.

With regards to fashion accessories, various items are incorporated for example, design dress adornments, arrive in various sizes, shapes and styles. A portion of the numerous items to consider are displayed here.

Jewelry of course is one of the best and most known fashion accessory and include not only gold and silver but also colorful fashion jewelry pieces like earnings, rings, bracelets, pins, necklaces, pendants or charm bracelets with popular or meaningful symbols.


Teenage girls and adult women alike place great interest in wallets, purses and handbags etc.

Usually owning quite a few bags in various styles, shapes and colors to coordinate with the garments they wear.

Equally today travel luggage, laptop cases and diaper bags are considered fashion accessories that can also be color matched to any outfit for the journey to your resort destination or even on a business trip.


Shoes are likewise viewed as a fashion accessory.

even though many don't really accept that ladies' shoes in contrast to men's shoes are making a style design statement.

Similarly as with handbags and purses, numerous ladies possess a few sets of shoes i.e athletic shoes, casual sandals, elegant sandals, flat dress shoes, high heels, etc.

And many attempt to match all of these shoe types, particularly for work, with their outfits.


Fashion Accessories an Easy Method to Add Zest to Your Closet.

One more fashion accessory that can easily purchased is the belt, now men don't see it in the same light as women do.

For ladies all the different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles that belts come in offers another opportunity to make an individual personal fashion statement.

There are colorful belts out there that are intended for use with an casual pair of pants, some traditional jeans, khaki work pants, or to bring attention to the waistline of your little black dress.


Remember fashion accessories:

From belts, handbags, purses, travel bags, jewelry and shoes are just some of the many incredible design options available to add spice to any wardrobe or closet especially one that is looking a bit tired and dated.


Women's Fashion Basics Accessorizing in Style.

New Look, New You - Accessorizing an outfit is key to making a distinctive and eye-catching outfit. Give a whole new look to your closet with these ideas for trendy accessory tips.


How To Accessorize Your Outfits

Hi everyone its Vanessa and welcome back to my channel, and welcome to this new video.
And today we're taking a back to basics and I'm gonna show you how to accessorize, so this is something that I think is super important and can make your outfit.

You can like elevate your outfit with just some easy steps or just like these easy things to keep in mind when you decide to accessorize, but before we get into it, if you haven't subscribed make sure to subscribe and turn on the little bell so you never miss out on any video, now let's get started.


Alright guys so for the first outfit I kept a very simple and casual this is just a normal white blouse with some jeans.

So whenever I'm wearing a blouse like this I always took it into my jeans and this adds a bit more silhouette to my body and I'm pairing it with these are white, you know normal tennis shoes.

But now to bring more you know pizzazz I'm just gonna add some accessories, I decided to go with this blue, light blue purse which really complements the whole outfit.


Something I like to do when putting outfits together, it's kind of like stick to a color scheme and I think you can really tell how I did that in this outfit, because it's mostly light colors white, blues and silver.

I also notice that the jeans had like some silver details, I decided to go with some silver accessories so I'm wearing these silver hoops and a little bit more of these silver kind of details with this silver ring and I think it really ties everything together it makes everything look nice and clean.


The next outfit is a normal black t-shirt which is what I'm wearing right now and pants.

I love these wide legged pants because it just adds a bit more style and honestly they look very classy and the best thing is that they're super, super comfortable and I'm just gonna pair them off with these normal flats, these black flats and to really bring it all together we're gonna accessorize.

So when I'm gonna accessorize sometimes I look into the details of the clothing but since the clothing gear didn't really have any metal details I decided to go for a gold, and I decided to add some gold jewelry I had two necklaces because it is kind of like a plain shirt.


They're kind of like minimalistic necklaces, and I like to layer minimalistic necklaces because you don't feel like you're overdone.

Something I really don't like is when you, when kind of like the accessories are taking away from your outfit, and the attention is on the accessories rather than their outfit as a whole, so I really like to use minimalistic accessories.

And I paired it with these small hoops, these are some everyday hoops they're super cute and these two very dainty rings.


Whenever I know which bag I'm gonna wear and look into the details of the bag, so for example this bag is black and white and it has some gold accents which perfectly matches my gold accessories, cause most of the time I try to avoid clashing metals.

I don't really like to mix metals I like to keep it all uniform and when I can match I do, and I think this whole look just looks very clean and polished.

It's kind of casual but at the same time it looks very put together and I think you could wear it to anything either to a date or a normal casual outing.


The next outfit is a little bit more dressy, we're gonna make this outfit a little bit more dressy.

I think you could actually wear this for the office or any type of event, so it's just these straight leg pants I love these, I think the color is beautiful and I paired it with a normal white t-shirt.

And I think the color of these pants really matches well with more golden tone, more warm tones and that's why I picked these shoes, that's kind of cheetah shoe which you probably have seen in my last video.

And because of that I paired it with this blazer, and the blazer is also brown so whenever I'm wearing kind of like warm tones browns I always go from gold accessories, so I paired it together with these statement earrings, these are kind of like triangle(ish) earrings.

I think they're very nice and because I'm going for kind of like a bold earring I didn't wear anything around my neck line though whenever I'm going for like bold statement earrings I don't like to overdo it with the necklaces.


So that's why I decided just to wear one ring which was kind of like a bigger ring for my taste but I really like it because it goes really well with bold earrings and that's all I did.

So I try to keep a balance between whether I'm wearing bold earrings, or like if I'm wearing a bold earring I'm not gonna wear something bolder on my neckline I probably will keep it dainty and small with the rest of my accessories.

I just want one of them to be like, if I'm gonna go for a bold accessory I just want one bold accessory. I don't want my earrings, my necklace, my rings to be all bold.


So the next outfit is kind of fancy, it is a little bit more put together, you could also wear it to the office.

I think if you put on, you know the jacket, pants all pinks, different shades of pinks so it's more of a classy look I have kind of like an open neck over here, so I decided to add this pearl necklace which I think really goes well with the whole look.

I think whenever you're playing with pearls and nice you know, pastel colors, shoes it makes everything look really nice and they go really well together, and I kept it really simple with the rings.

I didn't really want to overdo it because I think it's already kind of like a bold outfit although it's pastels, so I didn't want to overdo it as always with the accessories cause I think it's already like BAM, you're like all pink, and yeah that's all I did.


And the last outfit is this really pretty flirty and girly luck it's this yellow strapless dress.

Yellow goes perfectly with gold I think, it's just like duh, so I decided to add a little bit of boldness in my earrings, I'm wearing these kind of like spiral earrings and because I'm doing that again I'm not wearing anything on my neckline.

It's engine is already going to the pattern in the dress and the bold earrings so I don't want to overdo it, and since I'm wearing these brown shoes I decided to add this kind of wooden woven bag which I really like and something that I also do is I try to match my shoes with my bag.

Not you know super similar but when they're the same kind of shade I think it looks very nice and put together and that is all the looks.


So if you guys have any questions on how to accessorize what my thought process is whenever I'm accessorizing and let me know in the comments below.

And also let me know what was your favorite outfit, I hope you guys like this video and I'll see you in the next one.

Nos vemos pronto,






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