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Magical African Fashion Week.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today

I'm going to compile a fishing as you

see my face guy is so glam alright catch

you guys soon

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

it is funny

thank you for breaking my channel click

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thank you enjoy the video

honey I'm look so beautiful guys I

didn't see it I'm gonna show you all my

outfit I'm on the way to camp I love


yeah I'm always good to just kind of and

well that you know and I am model I have

to participate on this kind of thing


and guys hell yeah I do you think ice

comment to my face I have to do the

makeup the way so look at glamorous

Kampala Fashion Week that's why I have

to look glamorous

I try my best guys I'm gonna be you you

come along with me that you can see

what's going on over there everything I

want to try to put you there also yes

you can feel and everything I feel in

the moment ah ah ah yes I want to say

that later I'm gonna be sure you guys my

outfit of the Kampala issue of the

fashion movie

it's gonna be a little bit of pomp

because in the road you know Africa Tony

go I am still a little guy see you ah

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always I have to say that and click

that's a little bit on there whatever I

post new videos you can seen all the

time I have to share share is what is to

share I believe some or to you some

people that don't like it yeah

surely she already sharing video I'm not

watch our video you don't need to hi

youtubers to buy yes boom guys Kampala

and then I just see someone yeah no but

someone is real but we shall break wood

oh my god Patricia even here in Uganda

let's try to go outside find some wine

this one the wine please


okay go

where is it made of

yeah yeah use yeah

oh my god

how many died yet to come oh you know

they show hasn't started so what

my dress

I said I'm a meter penetrance

the DTH Prescott stomach you guys I

wanna be edit this video know the time

you almost wanna watch them the video

about them miss you can of course wants

people that follow me but I didn't know

what I'm talking about if you don't

follow me guys keep and wash below me

dog you gotta I do have a lot of lot of

things to show you guys and on today's

video is about Kampala Fashion Week they

say that they say Africa Fashion Week TV

others so funny alright guys thank you

so much to watch my video thank you so

much I hope you enjoy I hope you like it

just me to show you guys a little bit of

the funny I have today people beautiful

people beautiful dress beautiful model

that such things you doing you kinda

nice as well okay bye like comment and

subscribe to my channel follow me

cook the bottle whatever if I post

automatic you know what I'm talking


these outside so funny guys welcome back

tomato give the bottle

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CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement