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Fab Gettin' Bodied with GYV ME BODY | Plus Size Swimsuit Try-On and GIVEAWAY

I'm heading to Thailand in a few days and I need to slay in my swimsuits.

Nyki Allen, creator of Gyv Me Body saves the day with swimwear for Women in all shapes, shades and stages of beauty.

Their Suits & Covers can be worn on the beach, poolside, on cruises, at resorts and outside of water or even in the bedroom.


hey everybody a stout vixen and if you

want to know what swimwear I'll be

rocking this Highland then just keep


all right everybody as you know I'm

headed to Thailand very very soon and of

course one of the most important things

that I will need is swimwear because I

gotta be cute at the pool at the beach

wherever I'm going I'm even know cuz

I've never been there before but I gotta

be ready and if you know me that you

know one of the things that I care most

about is shopping local and supporting

black-owned and women-owned businesses

and I'm about to check all their boxes

off right now I'm going to introduce to

you a brand that I love and I've known

for a while but you might not know about

so we gonna make sure you're in the know

and I'm gonna bring along my fabulous

co-host today miss Nikki Ellis from give

me body so you gotta tell us the

philosophy the vision behind

Oh welcome everybody welcome my name is

Nikki Alan and you are in my thread

space yes I love women and women are

just phenomenal in general but one of

the reasons why I create everybody was I

love traveling I have been traveling the

world since I was 19 and so what money

oh yeah and so one of the things that I

noticed in my travel experiences is that

women of various sizes did not have

stylish options for their bathing suits

so they were wearing things that were

ill-fitting or things that were from fee

or things that just was not flattering

to their ages so I got tired of that so

with traveling with my family and I am

from a family and friends of diverse

sizes from size zero to size thirty and

I wanted them to look fabulous I'm like

you will not be walking with me looking

crazy right okay so it was amazing for

you so that was an inspiration behind it

so I started creating things just for

family and friends and my family said

why are you just doing this for us when

you can just give to us for everyone so

share the love so I created a new ID in

2014 Wow

and our philosophy is that we are

creating swimwear for real women and not

men and Jojo hello of all shapes sizes

stages of beauty because we know that

our beauty changes throughout the

lifetime so we're not the same unity

that we were at 20 as we are at 40 as we

will be at 60 at but we still want to be

fabulous we want to be comfortable in

our skin and we want to be able to go

out there and rock it and not just throw

on anything just because we feel some

kind of way about ourselves right so

it's important for me to create a brand

that was all encompassing and so that's

not to be about and here we are

let me show you footage of her studio is

beautiful she has some amazing swimsuits

amazing fabrics amazing colors and again

this is not the you know grandma flat

one piece you know that looks really

just plain it says this is not that so

that's you either you won't have to step

out and you know step it up or you know

find something else because this this is

like life this you put this on you feel

alive so she has picked out some stuff

for me I have no idea I told her just

see what's gonna happen and so I'm

excited I'm little scared cuz obviously

you know she don't play she don't

believe that she doesn't believe in

certain suits only belong full on

certain bodies so there might be some

strength strings up like wait a bit I'm

not ready but she's going to show us

some suits and I'm gonna try them on so

you will see me on camera and let me say

this right now don't clown cuz I have no

okay I noticed the other day I was

filming this was ten this was pale so

don't tell my parents it's gonna get

solved when I go to Thailand I'll be

fine so just give us one second and we

will see what she had and then I'll try

everything on all right


and we're back she has gone into the

secret stash and the fabulous swimsuits

and has pulled out quite a few so I'm

excited and let's let's get into it

let's get into it

okay so we know that you love color and

so I strongly believe that a woman

should not hide black or black can be

very chic I do feel like it's important

to live in color if you actually do so

we have legs it has a low back great on

yours and yes and then we have from our

news brand new hot off the press new

style alert a send me one is so cute


do you see the one shoulder of it all do

you see it good guys are excited to get

started with these pieces but we have so

many more pieces and Nicole is just

gonna just don't get Nikki first so then

she's gonna get body next BAM


okay give me body experience so tell us

about this right here okay so when I

said she's friends I nose in it she's

brand brand-new like she literally have

not even been released to sell so if you

want to be the first to get this limited

piece then you are going to reach out to

us this is called the ACE anyone because

asymmetric and it's given us flavor on

the right shoulder and it's given us

flavor on and the left

wait girl work and what I love about

this too is that you you have full

coverage yet you also are servant you

started as you're serving style so I'm

excited about this and we are offering

this in three colors giraffe print and

then we also have Nubian will be afraid

of it'll be a pretty child look at the

house wait a minute wait a minute that

is gorgeous

literally have one and then of course

black for those ladies can't go room

ever so alright I love this I love this

I love it I love it I love it

yeah don't usually do what is this this

is giraffe what did you laughs what is

this I don't usually do giraffe print

but I do love animal print so this is

right in line dad I love it I love the

one-shoulder thing when I saw that it

was one-shoulder I was like yes I love

it good I think this is going to be one

that's going week me chime in if you

think she should get this suit I think

she should I think she should it's

working with her hair yeah make a hair

she's serving it should give us all

kinds of little time okay so what's next

whooping oh yeah so we are going to move

on and we are going to bring in some

yellow because it does I know what it is

about yellow but yeah little pops so

good it's like won't warn you sunshine

so let's bring some sunshine in alright

be back

so I got the yellow man strength poppin

y'all poppy tell us about this one here

what's the name of this one okay so this

is the lover legs romper this is from

our Miami Heat collection for 2019

actually and so some ladies like it's

covered the hips more of the butt and a

little bit of the side it's a preference

thing - how you feeling about so I love

the color I love the cleavage I love the

way the built around the waist gives a

little bit of interest yeah for me I

think I would prefer it's actually come

a higher on the thigh so I feel like you

know I mean you know so you know

stabilize you know seven yeah but yet

for me I would prefer it up higher but

you know so you may not you may want

something with a little bit more

coverage and this would be perfect yeah

you know it's like a boy short tiny

thing at me yes we got the halter going

on in the back and we got full coverage

she's not song and out right now

she is another she's the fifth okay

she's sexy so if this one's for you you

can check it out on the website


and WWE give me body diamonds awesome

okay so are we going on a trip all the

way going on a trip we might as well go

to what kinda whoa

okay which way this way okay right

you said you Michael yeah we don't serve

some cleavage right now I mean you know

I'm just living my best life no I'm just

ready you know I love this clearly I

could immediately stuff it's a dance and

if anybody knows right I'm sure you've

had this happen in the dressing room

when you start today as you know the

outfit you have on is is that right it's

hell is he right yes okay so we call

this one will conduct because it was

created during the inspiration element

come the movie and I spell like color

the strength of it and I really created

this in mind I wanted to show some

cleavage a little peekaboo some hip

action and although she was kind enough

to wear undergarments you know she will

be showing skin on the side you know and

then it has the right amount of cheeky

in the back and believe it or not even

though her hair is fantastic this

actually shows up so she'll be able to

show off her whites peas that she has on

anything what we did was we just topped

it off with some summer accessories yeah

you've gotta have a floppy hat yeah of

course we have scarves and things like

that to accessorize with but you have to

do your whole swim pro/5 and always

serving it today whoa yes I love this

I'm good the colors beautiful it's you

know he still has that black background

like if you're scared like he's doing

like in there but the colors are so

beautiful and bright this is perfect

this is going to tie lady yes it has to

it does I mean it can't stay here it has

to get that all right this will be in

the bag

okay next yeah okay I love this yeah

Passport what is that asked what pretty

yep she's got her passport she was

getting ready to go to Bali she needs to

let everybody know yes do I was she

doing it a little bit speaking to a very

cute very comfortable loved it

in it I mean it's it's just cute and it

is for the US for people that are not as

if as adventurous they're not with the

colors this is a good alternative it's

still kind of different and unique right

it has a nice little message on the

front line and yes and it also has a

shelf bra on inside so that helps to let

the girls big but it's posted so that's

why she have a little extra cleavage

with it when you see suits like this

they typically don't offer any true yeah

there's a bit of our support so we

actually didn't use in a lycra spandex

and believe it or not we are gonna be

offered in five coats so even though

she's got on the 'black what she

normally doesn't

no it will be coming in red silver

fuchsia and go-go yes work work work

I'm having so much fun this is crazy

yeah we tried on everything that we have

now oh man she's way too girls good

y'all don't know this is work how did it

work it is bone off right yes

all right there you go


it is now evening and I've done all my

swimming for the dance

here's time for drinks the curries come

have dinner like okay let me just throw

something you know real quick Here I am

this particular piece literally is a

wonderful kind it is not long so

typically I'll be inspired by a person

to rate something very very special

something that right however this was

really training for Nicole so I love it

on her I hope she loves it it's

beautiful and look at my shoes

look at this shoe perfect match and it's

just very black and very sexy fair mom

and that's my thing I want women I don't

care what age you are guys you are I

want you to feel sexy


all day and all night - yeah I love it

it's beautiful okay right

y'all seen a holographic hologram

Sparkle duty of it all businesses

Sparkle in this is so cute I'm glad you

like it so this is what we created our

own signature slogan which is body queen

there's so many up in the world and we

want to celebrate you so we have this

body Queens through in five colors



huge little fuchsia yes

yeah I can see like I can imagine this

kind of coming out of the water and the

Sun hit me this is like oh this is so


and I have a quick tip for y'all that's

alarm for me I should've known better

when you try to swim this whistle sound

don't come with brandy panties now I

have on full briefs and this is messing

up everything be trying to tuck the

creeps and cut punch it down on bikini

something other than a full brief Bobby

we made it and that's the thing when you

do have on inches in your underwear to

wear to a fitting it's important to

choose something that that's not gonna

cut you so when she is rocking this full

throttle shoot me the knife because

that's what you like it just so she is

wearing this and with my shoes

yes so you know we had a little side

conversation before we started filming

and decided that we wanted two of you to

win a fabulous so we have some rule I'll

put them all down in the description box

so that you can figure out what to do

but basically you need to follow both of

our YouTube channels from the bulk of us

on Instagram subscribe to both of our

mailing lists really simple and then

we're going to do with drawing you pick

two winners so you can slay just like

I'm slaying right now dude this is open

only to folks in the continental US you

know that's how we roll we get bigger we

get do bigger things right now we yeah

so anyway it was such a pleasure to have

this opportunity to speak to you

tell us what's next for you what's next

was this Liz rise Society

and as the planes go over to Eddie's

she'll be catching a plane that from

Delhi right now probably and so there

are some exciting things happening this

week this blower the first full week of

June and the reason being is that Jimmy

is the anniversary month of giving body


so what I did when I create it give me

why I don't know about the 14 it was my

gift to myself was to create the brand

so on June 7 off of the day your pride

yet it is not only your travel day it is

also my birthday okay but it is also the

birthday of giving body so this week we

aren't doing at our annual launch

release we are releasing approximately

fifteen new style and so we're going to

shoot on the supermodels we're going to

be introducing two new models to part

model roster and we are going to be

celebrating of course as always all

sizes and they're going to release some

new super excited I'm excited I'm

excited maybe one day I'll be one of

those manga I tried out I tried out a

year and I was so scared and I did it

anyway and I think that was like a huge

thing for me just even having the chance

to do that was like huge so maybe next

time I actually I've seen your modeling

in creative spin so you girl right oh oh

what would it go you knew the boy love

in your heart because everybody loves

soccer and we can't wait to see our

trousers we cannot wait to see you

document this and yes yes people they'll

be like you getting on my nerves on me

like take a picture take a picture take

another together

and she has a whole photo shoot photo


who does that only people that do

international travel my every guy always

have to document the fabric sounds in

your life because you're like one and

like the ShoreTel anemia


so thank you for being here and thank

you for letting me come in and just try

on everything and have fun I enjoy

myself and yes we put the the details of

the contest in the description box again

check out her website check out our

Instagram check out mine too

and I will see you in the next video and

thanks so much for watching thank you


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