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What Makes a White Nightdress a Classic Lingerie Style Icon?

For more than 100 years the white nightdress / nightgown petite or full length, modest or sexy, this white lingerie is a timeless classic.

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There are only two words to sum up the most popular color in lingerie and intimate apparel - clean and refreshing.


A White Lingerie Favorite

If, you want a comfortable favorite in ladies sleepwear, take a look at a cotton nightgown.

Whether it is simple and austere or detailed in lace and ribbons, there are a multitude of styles to please every up and coming lingerie diva.

Choose the color white in intimate apparel and the effect is awesome.

Virtually every lingerie design looks fantastic in white, particularly a sleepwear classic like the bridal nightgown, which symbolizes purity and love.

White is the quintessential lingerie favorite.


What does white represent?

White is the epitome of cool and clean.

When you choose the appropriate style, fabric and size, you can look like the girl next door or a naughty vixen.

Plus, it is always nice to know that in a pinch you can always turn a simple men's nightshirt into a short and sweet nightie.

Crisp and classic indeed.


How a White Nightdress Became a Womens Sleepwear Classic

White Is The Way To Go...

White is the must have lingerie color.

It goes with almost everything in your lingerie drawer and looks fabulous on everyone.

Aside from the regular white nightgown styles there are a multitude of different white lingerie styles to choose from.

There is of course:

Another romantic intimate apparel favorite are classic Victorian nightgowns.

They are so popular that they have been around since the Victorian era!

And, last but certainly not least is the ever popular white cotton women's robe, also known as a spa robe.


What should you look for when you go white nightdress lingerie shopping?

Comfort is key in choosing any intimate apparel.

However, comfort should never eliminate style.

This is why a white nightie is so great.

It really is the best of both worlds.

Wearing a white cotton nightgown feels great and looks amazing.

The wide variety of designs allows women to be fashionable and feel great.


It is reassuring that the white nightgown will always be fashionable.

It has been and continues to be an easy choice of sleepwear for most women nowadays.

Although a variety of lingerie and intimate apparel colors have sprung up in catalogs, department stores and online, white will always be a lingerie classic.

White will always be an in demand color regardless of style whether it is a chemise, intimate apparel, women's robe or pajamas.


White Bras And White Undies Under White

When wearing any sheer clothes, it is it is a good idea to avoid white bras and panties.

Surprisingly, white lingerie shows through under sheer fabrics and white clothing.

And, of course it is also important to remember that the opposite is true, dark colored bras, panties and camisoles always show through white clothing.

When you are wearing white clothing, opt for nude or skin tone undergarments to eliminate the possibility of your underwear being exposed to the world.


However, if it is sleepwear you want, choose a white cotton nightgown, with a touch of lace perhaps.

It is something you will always like because of the classic style and comfort it offers.

Cool, crisp and a timeless classic, white lingerie is here to stay!



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement