How official documents reveal Russia’s involvement in Ukraine |Euromaidan Press |

How official documents reveal Russia’s involvement in Ukraine |Euromaidan Press |

2019/03/11 – 20:34 • Russian Aggression A lot of evidence has accumulated in the nearly five years of war, proving the presence of Russian troops in the Ukrainian Donbas, as well as their specific crimes and the crimes of the separatists under their control [See some of Euromaidan Press materials presenting evidence of the Russian aggression at the end of this article. – Ed.]. The best evidence, however, along with photographs, eyewitness accounts, and arrested “lost paratroopers” are documents compiled by Russian official bodies. Such materials are not necessarily being obtained by hacker attacks, such as, for example, the notorious “Surkov plans” (these plans, which were stolen by hackers, had been compiled by Putin’s adviser Vladislav Surkov and aimed at tearing Ukraine apart.) Sometimes Russian officials themselves post documents on the social network, or military personnel share texts of their own complaints or orders with their friends. Court decisions and forensic examinations also reveal this closely kept state secret in a very amusing way. I will run through the main documents that I personally came across in the last few years of work. Of course, this is only a drop in […]


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