How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair

How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair

How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair

Going grey? No, we don’t mean the dreaded wispy white strands that sneak in between colours, we’re talking about dying your hair, root to tip, a striking shade of silver.

Coming into summer, it’s a trend we’re going to be seeing a lot more of, but how do you achieve the look without damaging your tresses in the process? We find out!

How to get it:

While it’s not impossible to go silver if currently sporting a darker ‘do, it’s important to note that it won’t be an easy or simple task.

Your hair needs to be lighter, or lightened, to get the perfect silver tone, so as people lean towards blonder tresses coming into summer, it’ll be an easier transition.

Peter Mark’s John Harvey tells us, “If it’s not light enough, the warm under colours in Irish hair start to neutralise the silver.

“To make silver, you have to use blue and if you’ve an orange, yellow undercoat, which Irish people naturally have, you get a green shade. You have to be much lighter.”

How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair


Of course there’ll be a dying process but once done by professionals, there’s very little to worry about. The stylists know what they’re doing, and wouldn’t allow any unjust damage to your hair.

What is important though, is how you look after your mane directly afterwards.

John tells us, “It’s a really expensive look to have. The reason it looks so cool, is because it’s expensive. To have that silver tone to your hair, you need to invest in home care, 100 percent.”

And what exactly do you need? Well, there are three key products; a purple shampoo, a decent conditioner and a good heat protector.

John recommends the Kérastase Blond Absolu range. He says, “It has a blue/lilac pigment so it’s toning every time you shampoo.

“When your hair is lightened so much, the cuticle is open and the toner is always rinsing away. The molecules in these fashion colours are so small that it rinses out quite easily so you need to replace it. That’s all you’re doing with this shampoo.”

How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair

He continues, “It’s not bad for your hair at all. You can use it every day, but just be mindful of how long you leave it in for.

“When you’re shampooing for silver, you’d be leaving it in for longer because you want that overload. From a blonde point of view, you’d just shampoo it like you normally would. It’ll just maintain the tone.”

As well as this, you need to protect your hair and the new colour, with a heat spray.

John says, “If you’re blowdrying or heat styling, be it a tongs or a straightener, you’re going to get rapid fade without a heat spray.”

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How to achieve and maintain striking silver hair

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