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Lovely Beginners Eye Makeup Tutorial - Parts of the Eye.


How To Apply Eyeshadow

Welcome back to another makeup lesson

today we're gonna create a classic party

look this is for so many different

occasions and it's really easy to create

as well let's get started so as with

every look that we create we always want

to start off with a clean base and to do

that you want to use a primer so you can

either mix your primer with your

concealer or you can use a tinted primer

this one by Urban Decay it's a classic

it's one of my absolute favorites it's

my kind of go-to basically all you want

to do is just apply this all over the

lid it will create a blank canvas for us

to work on disguise any discoloration

while also helping your eyeshadows last

longer because it gives them something

to hold on to which is a really

important part

now let's recap on parts of the eye

because I always get asked about this so

I like to split the eye into three

sections the lid the crease area this is

where the lid creases into the eye shape

and then the brow bone which is

technically not the brow bone is just

underneath the brows and then like to

split the lid into three sections as

well so we have an inner a middle and an

outer and then you have your three liner

areas so we have your waterline which is

the lower part that you can see we have

the tight line or the upper waterline

which is underneath and then we also

have your lash line which is that line

across right by your lashes and these

are the kind of main areas that you

apply liner

to create any eye makeup look I usually

use about four different eyeshadows a

highlight a contour and a mid-tone your

mid-tone is basically in between your

light in your dark then I also have a

fade shade don't get scared it's okay

we're only gonna apply a very small

amount of it but it does make a big

difference and I'll explain why in a bit

now for brushes you really only need

like two or three a blending brush and a

pencil brush now I would recommend

having actually two blending brushes but

that's optional

one for applying one for blending just

so you don't muddy up your look and then

also a flat brush this is for cutting

the crease you don't plan on your crease

you can always use your fingertips for

what we're gonna do later so there's all

your tools now let's start applying so

we're gonna start off with our mid-tone

and we're going to use our blending

brush you always want to make sure

you're using your blending brush for

your mid-tone to create that really soft

effect now a lot of people refer to this

as a transition shade totally fine I

call it mid-tone because it's a middle

tone but it's totally up to you you're

gonna blend this over and back and

slowly build this up because your lids

gonna be a little tacky if you go in

with too much eye shadow to begin with

it's just gonna grab hold of certain

areas and not blend you also want to

hold your brush in the center of the

handle and keep it at about eye level so

a little higher than normal and sweep

this over and back in the crease don't

worry if it looks kind of muddy on the

lid that's totally fine just make sure

that blend upwards towards the brow bone

is nice and smooth your contour is next

and there should be at least one shade

darker than your skin tone you're going

to apply this with the smaller of the

brushes that we've been using and I want

you to tap this so literally hold a

brush right in the center to get maximum

control and just tap this on that outer

edge so the outer third off the lid

then take your clean blending brush

holding it right down the end of the

brush sweep this over and back just the

soft now any harsh lines so this is just

gonna basically deepen the crease and

just apply a little bit more of a depth

look so when we cut the crease it's

gonna look even sharper okay now we're

going to cut the crease do you're gonna

take your concealer brush with a little

bit of concealer on it so just follow

the natural shape or create the illusion

of a shape of a lid and you can rest

your pinky on your cheek for support and

what I do is I barely touch the skin as

I go around the edges and then pull it

downwards across the lid

we're going to move on to now applying

our highlighter using that same brush

and we're going to go over everything

that we've already cooked so you're

basically going to create kind of a

sharper effect a brighter effect and

your highlighter is gonna go on much


so now we have a divide between that

inner corner on the outer corner so what

we want to do is to create a fade so

we're gonna use our fate shade take it

on a blending brush and just apply this

right where the two of them meet and you

can also blend this into the crease as

well at least that's my take on a fade

shade I don't think anybody else knows

what it is except for me and you guys

but it's awesome

we can also apply the glitter just to

add a little bit of fun we're gonna

apply it over everything that we've

already applied starting in the middle

of the lid and then blending outwards

and inwards

next gonna go in with liner don't panic

all we're gonna do is just run along the

lash line nothing fancy nothing crazy no

wing I'm also going to apply lots and

lots of mascara

your contour is next and push this right

underneath those ashes and I've already

applied lower lash mascara already so

we're basically just creating the

illusion of a deeper effect and there

you go that is the finished look I hope

that you guys will check this one out

super easy phone and works on so many

different people and I will see you in

the next one

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CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement