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What Color Dress is Best for Your Skin Tone?

All you need to know to color dress is know what kind of skin tone you have.

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Then enhance your beauty by dressing in clothes that best complement your skin.

Eye color is a wild-card factor; in the cases where eye color strongly contrasts complexion and hair color, it can be used to introduce colors that would otherwise have not compliment an individual.

So Eye color and Skin tone can help you guide in the selection of clothing.


There are 3 kinds of skin tones to consider: Warm, Cool and Neutral.

To find this out try this test, check the inside of your wrist:

  1. If the veins appear greenish this indicates you have yellow undertones and thus would have a warm skin tone.
  2. Veins that appear to be more bluish indicate a cool skin tone.
  3. If you can't determine your skin tone after the test then it means you fall under neutral skin tone.
  • Cool skin tone: usually has a pale, rosy, ebony, or dark-red cast to skin.
  • Warm skin tone: usually has a yellow, golden, and honey tones in their skin.
  • Neutral skin tone: if you have a blend of both, or are more olive toned.

Another good indicator of tone is how easily one tans.  If you tan easily, chances are you have a warm tone.

If you are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, unable to tan at all, then you more than likely have a cool tone.

Still having trouble deciding what your tone is? Then take a look at your eye color.

If you have blue or green eyes, then there's a good chance you have a cool tone to your skin.

Do you have warm brown eyes, or hazel? Then it's more likely you have a warm tone.

So when in doubt, follow these few rules for easy dressing up that will give you an exquisite elegant look.


Brown Eyes with Green Tones - If you have a hint of green in your eyes, you'll want to bring it out. Purple, especially plum, is the ideal color to do this.

Dark or brown skin with cool blue undertones is enhanced by bold, vivid, primary colors or icy, cool pastels.

Consider wearing cool colors such as soft navy, true white, blue reds, royal blues, fuchsia, lemon yellow, hot pink and blue greens.

That navy is actually a soft, light version and best on you with a pastel or red rather than white it brings the elegant and exquisite looks anytime of the day.

Lighter skin tone. The basics include soft white, pale or medium blues, aquas and teals, pinks, violets, pearl grays and fresh reds like watermelon.


Black is a classic dress color, and neutrals like taupe and sand are popular as well.

Black dresses are very popular choices in many women's wardrobe because of the flattering nature and versatility of the dresses to be worn to a variety of occasions.

Black dresses seem to provide a more flattering look for a lot of women rather if it is the dress that makes a skinnier appearance or brings out more colors from the skin, hair, and other features.

Neutral colors have a timeless look.


Red can look feminine, but it's also associated with anger, passion and heat.

Red color is great as an evening dress.

How To Color Dress For Your Personal Skin Tone

Yellow can be tricky, but it's such a pretty color!

I'd suggest finding a few shades you really like and narrowing it down from there.

Yellow and gold colors are not suitable for pale skin tone, but look great for blonde hair or brown and dark skin tone.

It brings out the radiance on the face.


Green is a good candidate for mixing fabrics and textures because it's a good blending color.

Green, red, yellow, and tan are also good colors to match and wear.

Pink, purple, and pastel colors come and go but can be very stylish.

Green represents growth, freshness, prosperity and hope.


Brown dresses are elegant and stylish and can serve as a lovely alternative to black dresses.

With a range of colors suitable for any season, brown dresses are becoming more and more fashionable.


Darker blues offer great alternatives to black for a slimming color.

Lighter shades of blue create a fun mood.

Dark shirts with light suits can be accomplished, but pulling this off requires skill.


Champagne is an excellent choice because while it has pink undertones, it appears white in pictures.

If you have darker skin and want a soft white, diamond white is the best way to go.

Champagne is gorgeous but it can be a tough color to pull off.

But so can a million other colors and styles.


Build a wardrobe around colors that celebrate your features and make getting ready for the day fun and simple!

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