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Older Ladies Skincare Tutorial - How I Do Makeup on Mature Skin by Hindash.

Hey guys!!! I felt like it's been ages! Here's one of my MOST REQUESTED makeup tutorials to do - How I do makeup on mature skin! I hope you find this video helpful, more mature models are coming (darker hair as well) so stay tuned! - Hindash xx


Older Skin Care Products:

  • SKIN: Caudalie Beauty Elixir. Vichy Mineral 89 Serum. La Mer The Eye Concentrate. Sisley Ecological Compound. MAC Lip Conditioner.
  • BASE: Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation "315N". Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer "25".
  • BLUSH: Nudestix Nudies Matte "Sunset Strip" + Nudies Bloom "Tiger Lily Queen". NARS Orgasm Blush.
  • CONTOUR: Fenty Matchstix "Mocha".
  • HIGHLIGHT: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand.
  • EYES: Sigma Enchanted Palette. Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara. NARS Mambo Eyeliner.
  • BROWS: Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil "Grey". Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel.
  • LIPS: Charlotte Tilbury "Pillow Talk" Lip Cheat. MAC "Spice" Lip Pencil. MAC Love Me Lipstick "Tres Blase".


Video Transcript

hello everyone attend - and this is

Timmy today's video is one of my most

requested videos ever I always get

comments about this and it is about

makeup on mature skin now I've been

looking and looking and looking and I

came across a beautiful Caroline here in

Dubai and we've been following each

other for a while we've been planning

this for a long time actually and this

is the look that I created I really

wanted to emphasize her beauty and just

enhance what you already has I mean she

is stunning so this video is all about

enhancing what you have really

perfecting what you're born with so if

you guys enjoyed this video please don't

forget to subscribe to my channel and

leave me a comment and thumbs up and

I'll see you guys in the next video bye

so here is a beautiful Caroline and I'm

gonna be starting off with a bit of

skincare and I'm taking the quad le

beauty elixir to just refresh her face

and you know the drill I love this spray

it just perhaps the skin for a skincare

and for skincare I'm gonna be taking the

Vichy mineral 89 and this is basically a

hyaluronic acid serum

and I'm just gonna be putting this all

over the skin and massaging it in and

prepping the skin for moisturizer and


and with this always like to take the

time to massage it into the skin to

really wake the skin up and just make my

model feel great and good

and I talked to her more about her skin

type and I get to know what her skin is

like so I know what products to use next

for eye cream I'm going to be using the

Eliminator the eye concentrate and I'm

just going to be putting that underneath

the eyes and massaging it in and tapping

it very gently and just letting it sit

there and do its work

because it's a nice rich cream makeup is

going to sit on top of it beautifully as


again tap-in massage it into the skin I

also like to take the eye cream on any

dry patches on the skin for moisturizer

I'm taking the assisity ecological

compound and this is their one of their

really popular creams now what I found

about this is that it's very very

scented it smells like lavender so if

you are very sensitive to scent I would

maybe try this in the store because it

is very scented and again I'm gonna be

rubbing that into the skin doing more of

that blood circulation and getting

things going

for foundation I'm taking the

new Anasazi Beverly Hills luminous

foundation and this is in the shade 315

n and also excited to try this and it is

a luminous foundation so I thought it

would work beautifully on Caroline now

Caroline is very tan tall over her body

and it she's a bit lighter on her face

so I'm matching more of her body even

though she's wearing a turtleneck I can

still see her hands and you can see her

a bit of her neck and her ears and as

always I'm gonna be taking a bit of that

on the back of my hand and working it in

in very thin layers this finish is

beautiful you get to see it more in

action now so I'm taking the time to

buff it very gently into the skin and

just really work it into the skin almost

like a moisturizer as a tinted

moisturizer and taking the time to buff

it out now because this foundation is a

luminous finish I'm not gonna be using

any powders really I'm just gonna be

layering products

so as you can see she has that healthy

glow because the foundation also has

that kind of a golden peachy undertone

making a better makeup remover on a

cotton bud I'm gonna wipe the foundation

off the lips because you guys know I

hate that in most key I mean in some

cases it works and I'm gonna be

moisturizing her lips with the Mac lip

conditioner so just a thick layer of

that let it sit while I do the makeup

that's always a good idea

so when we get to lipstick her lips are

nice and fresh and moisturized I'm gonna

be taking a bit of whatever is left of

that foundation and just running that

through the eyelids just to neutralize

her lids and take out any discoloration

and this will add as a base for

eyeshadow but I am gonna put a bit of

concealer there for eyeshadow as well

even though I'm very happy with the

finish of the foundation I am gonna take

a damp Beauty Blender and just tap it

all over the skin I don't usually do

this but I feel like if you have lines

and if you have areas where a product

can settle in this is always a great

idea it's always always a good idea

because it just takes out any of that

excess that you're not seeing that's

sitting on top of the skin and we are

gonna go in with concealer don't forget

that so you can add your coverage when

you need it and for concealer I'm taking

the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD concealer

and number 25 this concealer is such a

good concealer it's one of my favorites

has quickly become one of my favorites

and because it is a self setting

concealer you don't need to use powder

if you don't want to now you know me I

love powder and I really just work with

the model and see if she needs any

powder or if she doesn't

and in this case Caroline definitely

doesn't need any powder don't forget

that I am under lights and she is under

lights so she might look more glowy or

more shiny than usual but in real life

she does not look oily or greasy so in

this case with the concealer I am

brightening her face

for blush I'm taking cream blush because

I love cream blush and cream blush is

perfect for mature skin and I'm taking

the nude sticks in two finishes this is

the nudies bloom which is more of a dewy

one and nudies matte which is a matte

one and I'm starting off with the nudies

matte and Sunset Strip and I'm gonna be

blending both colors on the back of my


and taking the nudies bloom and

Tigerlily Queen just because I have fun

with mixing I mean you can just use one

on its own that's totally fine they have

amazing color so you don't really need

to mix but I'm just having fun with it

so I'm mixing both now some people say

you can put it high up and I usually do

like to put it more on the cheekbone

rather than the apple of the cheek but

Carolyn has a nice glow and kind of a

tan so I really do want to emphasize

that and I think that'll give her more

of a sunkissed look and I always like to

tap the blush in especially with cream

blush because I don't want to move the

foundation around and this is always a

good technique if you don't want to move

the product that's underneath a bit of

blush on the nose and on the forehead

really does emphasize that sunkissed

look that you're healthy you've been

outside but I hope you've been wearing

SPF and I'm always giving everything a

final tap and blend with my Beauty

Blender for brows on taking the benefit

processing my brow pencil and this is in

the shade gray they actually have a gray

shade which is awesome I'm just gonna be

filling in any of these sparse areas in

her brows caroline has amazing brows

that are beautiful so I'm not really

doing much to them I'm just following

their shape brushing them through and

filling in any of the sparse areas she

told me her brows aren't the same shape

and they're not even and I told her that

everyone's brows are like that pretty

much and I had three doesn't bother me I

don't really go crazy on having the

brows look the same because I feel like

it just adds that character to your face

and your brows are always gonna be a bit

different anyway

so a tree doesn't bother me when people

say their brows are different

Virgil I'm taking the anastasia beverly

hills clear brow gel this is one of my

favorite brow gels I don't like a lot of

tint in the brows again it depends on

whether you're very fair and you want to

add more volume then tint is great for a

bit of contra on the nose I'm taking a

fancy Beauty matchsticks in mocha and

I'm just going to be contouring tip in

the nose which is what I love doing when

I contour the nose and I feel like it

just adds that nice touch and it does

define your face

and a bit on the lower lip and top lip

just add more definition and on the chin

as well

and blending that with the brush and

taking but on the brush if you feel like

you need a bit more and just buffing

everything in

to prime the eyelids for eyeshadow I'm

taking a bit of that makeup for every

concealer again and just very lightly

tapping it and blending it on the lid

remember nothing crazy you don't want to

go too heavy on this or it is gonna

crease so you want to just do a light

layer and blend it outwards

for eyeshadow I'm gonna be dipping into

this beautiful Sigma palette this is

called the enchanted eyeshadow palette

and it has a lot of really nice cool

tones and I want to do cool tones on

Caroline because I feel like it's gonna

complement her gray hair beautifully and

it's not gonna really clash if I do

something very very warm which again you

can because you can do whatever you want

but for this look I felt like a cool

tone would really emphasize Caroline's


so I'm dipping into the cream shade just

to set the eyes all over and dipping

into that pink shade just to add a bit

of warmth in the crease but it is kind

of a cool pink so it's not going to add

that crazy warmth it's gonna complement

her skin very well to deepen the crease

I'm gonna be dipping into the taupe and

the pink just to emphasize that even

more and to add a bit of a contour and

slowly building those layers of depth

and intensity

and then using that tube alone to add

more intensity so I'm building up layers

in terms of lightness I start very light

and then I built to the darkest shade

which is going to be the brown focusing

on the outer V and the crease

and to emphasize all the shadow work

that we've done I'm going to go in with

the light cream again on the center of

the lid and that instantly makes all the

dark shades we put in the crease pop

even more

now I'm going into that Brown and using

it as an eyeliner as a base and winging

it out and again focusing on that outer

V and especially with more mature women

you really do want to emphasize the eyes

and make them look lifted and beautiful

but you have to work with those layers

because the results are always gonna

look better if you layer and take your

time and don't be afraid to get all the

way around just make sure you control

the thickness

so as you can see just adding that Brown

as the liner really emphasizes her eyes

and makes them pop and look more lifted

and open and to make sure nothing is

very harsh I'm gonna take that blending

brush again and just blend all those

layers because I'm gonna go on with the

final liner

to frame the eyes I'm going to be taking

a bit of mascara and this is the Lancome

Hypnose drama I'm just gonna be coating

her lashes and Caroline's going to be

doing the rest of the work because you

can really get in there

and once she has mascara on I can see

what I want to add and intensify even

further so I'm taking a bit of those

pinks underneath the lower lash line

with whatever is left on the brush so it

has a bit of that taupe and a bit of

that pink and brown but very softly just

smudging everything and I thought it'd

be really nice to add a bit of that

shimmer on the center of the liner

because I know some mature women tend to

really freak out about shimmer but you

can do it in very strategic placements

you can do it all over if you want I

love shimmer so you can do whatever you

want but this is a nice way to wear

shimmer in a very subtle way

that's where highlight I'm taking the

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood beauty light

wand another cream and putting that on

the high points of the face now I found

that this with the foundation didn't

blend that well for some reason I tried

it with the Beauty Blender and then I

did it with a brush but something about

it just really couldn't blend that well

so I think next time I might just use it

off with a brush or just going with

another cream but I did end up putting

that new six cream blush on top of it

again and it did seem to help

do you think I was gonna do this video

without mine ours Mambo I pencil my

eyeliner that I love I'm taking a bit of

this just to define that brown shadow

that I've done just to add more

intensity and this is my favourite eye

pencil ever it's that beautiful

chocolate brown it works for everyone

and it's very very flattering

for lipliner I'm taking the astrology

I'll be political Lipchitz

and I'm gonna be lining her lips all

over and I feel like I need a bit more

of depth so I'm taking the Mac lip

pencil in spice I'm just gonna be going

over the edges only and making sure that

I over draw the lips in a very natural

way so this just gives us more

definition and I love how that looks on

top of that I'm taking the Mac love me

lipstick in Trey blast say I don't know

how to speak French I'm sorry and I'm

using that with a lip brush because I

want to really work the lipstick in and

not have that thick heavy look just

working it into the lips as a lip balm

and really just getting in there and

that's gonna give you such a nice finish

and as you can see it's a nice peachy


I'll take it in Norris orgasm blush just

set that cream blush that we did earlier

and because orgasm has a nice highlight

eachine it's gonna still look very dewy

and healthy and alive so I'm just

testing out all over the cheeks and a

bit on the nose and for lower lash

mascara I'm taking my fan brush and just

really getting in there and that way you

can get very precise application and

setting my contour with the Charlotte

Tilbury film-star bronze & Glow and I'm

using the contour shade and a final mist

of the cuddly beauty elixir spray and

that is the final look I really hope you

guys enjoyed this video I know a lot of

you have been asking for it and if you

have anyone that you want to share this

with that you think would benefit from

this type of makeup please share it and

don't forget to subscribe and like this

video leave me a comment down below let

me know what you want to see next

because I'm always reading your comments

I always want to create the looks that

you guys recommend and I can't wait for

you to see the next video so I will see

you guys very soon bye





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