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Modify Your Makeup to Keep Youthful Glowing Skin and Put a Young Sparkle on Aging Skin.

Keep youthful glowing skin as you age... If you're a woman who wears makeup, you'll need to adjust it as you grow older.

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How To Modify Your Makeup To Keep Youthful Glowing Skin
Even in your 30s and 40s, it's time to start making changes from your 20s.

It's weird, but the way makeup looks best on you almost comes in a complete circle.

As a very young woman, minimal is best.

A little lip gloss, a dash of light blush…

But over time we start getting more daring with bold, red lips and darker eyeliner with eye shadow that pops.

This is usually where we stay until one day we realize we have started to look harsh.

There's no other way to put it – makeup that's too much, or too bold makes you look older.

So just as you did when you first started wearing makeup, you go back to a more natural look – something that brings your youthful glow to the surface.


Modifying Your Makeup to Keep Youthful Glowing Skin as You Age

Part of the reason makeup starts to look different is because your skin changes.

In your earlier years, your skin might have been oily, so you used foundation for oily skin – paired with powder that concealed the oil from your face throughout the day.

But if your skin has become more and more dehydrated and wrinkles are beginning to show around your eyes and mouth, it's time to ditch the powder and go with a foundation that has a dewy appearance.

Of course, moisturizer with SPF should be applied even before your foundation.

After your base coat of foundation, sans the powder, apply your makeup in natural tones.


Now is not the time for bright blue eye shadow and hot pink or red lipstick.

Peachy or light neutral, warm tones are perfect for grown women who want to capture their youthful look.

Watch the tones, but also watch how much makeup you apply.

Caking on a thick layer of blush, even in a peach tone, will look bad if you lay it on too thick.

Go back to your natural roots.

It will take some time to get used to, but it will knock years off your appearance.


Beauty and skincare is something that evolves over time.

From the moment we begin taking care of ourselves and styling our own hair, picking out our own clothes, and apply make-up to the day when it's time to recognize we need a makeover – it can be a fun process if you let it!



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement