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Incredible beginner friendly tutorial - How to do a full face makeup.

A Breakdown Of The Products Used For This Video:

Davis number 18 eyepencil
ADC eyegel
La girl pro concealer in the shade fawn
Morphe 35H eyeshadow palette
Kara beauty eyeshadow palette
Elf liquid eyeliner black
Pheity_beauty lashes


Truskin vitamin C serum
Truskin facial moisturizer
Colourpop All star matte primer
Maybelline superstay foundation in warm coconut
La girl pro concealer in the shade fawn
Sacha buttercup setting powder
La girl finishing powder in cocoa to contour
Kara beauty blush pallete
Fenty beauty highlighter in hustla baby
Rose water


Colourpop lippie in mamacita
Milani lippie in Amore
Goldenlip lippie in Soft Kiss


Video Transcript

hello beautiful people welcome back to

my youtube channel if he's a person

watching you are very welcome

so today the thing to do things a little

bit differently because I'm going to do

a full face makeup tutorial so I'm going

to start like to do that eternal from

start to finish so today's videos may be

a little bit too long so kindly bear

with me and yeah I'm going to teach you

guys from start to finish for beginners

I'm going to make it as simple as

possible so kindly subscribe or share

too so the comment section down below

I'll be reading all of them coming over

area and if you liked the video give it

a big thumbs up and with no further ado

let us go straight into the video



okay so we're going to start off with

the eyebrows and I'm going to use

Davey's number eighteen when it comes to

lining your brows kindly follow the

exact shape of your eyebrows



and I start filling in from the outer

corner going toward the inner corner and

when it comes to this side of my bra I

normally just draw very slight trans

going up after I normally draw hairlike

strands using attica gel this is the

process you don't have to do it is

another just another technique you can

use to draw your brows especially if you

don't have hair problem using a legal

pro concealer in the shade phone and I

normally advise beginners where I'm

pointing at right now use a foundation

and then use a concealer going towards

the outer corner so it's easier for you

to blend afterwards



lie on the other side of my bro I

normally use a foundation so it's easier

to blend afterwards and for me I think I

used a lot of product don't use don't be

like me don't use a lot of product after

blend the foundation into your skin so

when you're blending your face it

becomes easier for me before I apply eye

shadow I normally line my lids or rather

set my lids and I normally use the same

console I used to line my brows and if

you don't have a brush you can easily

use your finger to blend it in today for

eyeshadow again to start off with

morphine about 35 eh if you're using a

dark shade as your first positioning

shade concentrate it more on the outer

corner and then blend it in going

towards the inner corner it comes to

choosing transitioning shades always

start off with matte for transition and

then shimmer around you cut crease and

then to blend in my first solution in

shade I'm going to use this orange from



and as always use circular motions and

very little force personally I love

starting off with a bright color

so this is my first time using Vichy

that is actually really pretty



and another thing always blend in your

ages for smooth transition blend that

age and I have to be honest with you

girls I had to repeat this thing like

three times it is not as easy as it

seemed it is not but anyway I did try a

skin prepped them going to start off

with a vitamin C from true skin

and I'm going to follow that up with a

daily facial moisturizer

and after that has said I'm going to use

a primer from colour-pop



a foundation i'm using maybelline

superstay foundation in one coconut my

all-time favorite like always it matches

perfectly with my skin tone so I'm

sticking with this for now and I had to

do my lashes off-camera so forgive me

for that



guys I don't care how perfectly your

foundation matches your skin tone but

lend that to your neck regardless so

highlight today I'm using a legal

proposal in the shade phone the same one

I used before and I'm going to hey

ladders around my under eyes the bridge

of my nose the areas around my mouth

because I normally have a beard

situation and my forehead in my personal

opinion I think a beauty blender blends

in your concealer more perfectly than a

brush would



and to set the areas where I highlighted

using a concealer I'm going to use a

satchel but Buttercup buttercup sceptic



control I'm going to use a little

finishing powder in cocoa

and another thing gays if you're doing a

full face always remember to contour the

areas around your hairline because you

don't want to appear like you have a

mask a little mask on your face so

control that area in so they blend is

the blend is smooth all through



my undereyes I'm going to apply purple

and I'm going to do that just below my

lashline I'm going to use a bronzer from

Cara just to warm up my face a little

bit next I'm going to use a finishing

powder from golden lip just to make sure

my whole face is blended in perfectly

then after I'm going to set up my whole

face using rosewater highlighted I'm

going to use fancy beauty in hustler

baby yes this highlighter is everything

for real


and guys today I'm going to use three

lipstick shades and the first one I'm

going for is from colour-pop and in the

shade mamacita mamacita anyway yeah I'm

going to use that first and I think guys

when it comes to applying a lipstick on

your upper lip avoid um going over the

area where you highlighted that is the

Cupid's bow and I another thing I

noticed when you apply lipstick first

and then apply highlights and later it

messes around with your structure just

do the Halen's of us and then apply

lipstick for the structure to remain the



okay so the second shade of lipstick we

are going for is from Milani

and it is in the shade a model now then

the last shade we're going for is this

orange from golden lip I mean look at

our color Oh guys look at that color

look at my shade anyways when I'm a play

I'm bright bright bright lipstick on my

lips I normally go for three sheets cuz

I don't I normally don't want to start

off with attack then boom a bright one

looking like you have two shades of

concrete on your lipstick now is always

make that transition smooth that is the

secret make the transition as smooth as

possible in a look I hope you like the

look I hope you enjoy the video I hope

you learned something from the video and

if you have any thoughts comments share

it on the comment section down that

would be it for me today guys thank you

so much for watching and can they

subscribe if you're not yet subscribed

I'll be seeing you in my next video bye

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