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Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads Are Easy to Use and Fit.

Nursicare therapeutic breast pads were created specifically for breastfeeding mums to prevent cracks and soothe sore nipples.

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First, remove a Nursicare pad from the box and take the pad out of the pouch

Prior to the first use, wipe your nipple and surrounding area with a slightly damp cloth or use your own milk to moisten the area.

The moisture on your nipple will help make the pad feel natural and comfortable.

Center the pad over the nipple area with the printed label side facing out.

When your baby is hungry, remove the Nursicare pad and place it on a clean surface with the unlabeled side facing up.


Always keep good hygiene while breastfeeding.

Nursicare pads can be re-used until the liquid inside the pad becomes visible on the labeled side and before the absorbed fluid reaches the edge of the pad.

Continue to use Nursicare pads until the sores on your nipple have healed and the pain has been relieved.


Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads - Freeing Mums From Breastfeeding Pain!

Nursicare pads facilitate fast pain relief and quick wound healing.

No other products or treatments are needed or recommended.

The pad is also useful when the mother feels pain with no visible wound, friction or rubbing.


Pain is one of the main reasons for discontinuation of breastfeeding.

If the mother is in pain, she may lose her desire to continue breastfeeding.

WHEN NURSICARE PADS ARE PLACED ON THE SORE NIPPLE, the pad’s ingredients cooperate in complete synergy to reduce pain and inflammation and support the healing process.

The combination of the cleanser, moisturizer and superabsorbent creates an optimal healing environment to help heal injured and painful tissues.

The pads absorb fluid and gently expand to establish full contact with the wound bed.

The built-in cleanser helps keep the wound bed clean and removes the damaged tissue.

Glycerin, the moisturizer in Nursicare, contributes to an optimal environment to heal the nipples and prevent the pads from sticking to skin.

The unique features of PolyMem combine to make the Nursicare pad not only extremely comfortable, but also help reduce inflammation, thus addressing both persistent and procedural wound pain.

The super absorbent pulls in fluid from the nipple and locks it into the Nursicare pad, helping keep fluid out of the wound bed.

The external film controls the evaporation process and protects the nipple wound from external contamination.


Nursicare Therapeutic Breast Pads, for Wounded, Cracked & Painful Nipples, Latex Free.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement