Is Your Fashion Style Too Dated and Making You Look Old

Looking Old Before Your Time in Dated Fashion Style.

Looking old for your age with an outdated fashion style from the 80s, 90s, or even the 00s.

Looking Old Before Your Time in Dated Fashion Style
When we wake up one day feeling like we look old, our first instinct is to go back to doing the same things we did in our youth.

For some, that means dressing like they did years earlier – or trying to dress like younger men and women today.

That’s not a good look on a grown-up who is getting older.

At the same time, you don’t want to look like your grandfather because you’re not up-to-date with current fashion trends for your appropriate age group.

Frumpy, comfortable clothes are something most people enjoy during relaxing moments at home – and we even develop our favorites that we don’t get rid of (even when we should).

But it will help you look and feel younger if you get some help updating your wardrobe so that you knock off several years and start dressing to impress.

This doesn’t mean you need deep pockets to go buy dozens of outfits.


If your fashion style is looking old it’s time for a makeover…

Start with the color of most of your clothes.

You want to go with earth tones – but not head to toe beige.

That leaves you looking frumpy.

Use warm earth tones, and accent with a bit more color.

As you age, you don’t want to try competing with the 20-year olds who are wearing neon pinks and yellows.

Just make sure it looks elegant and warm, not too drab and not too flashy.


Update your accessories.

If you’re still wearing clunky plastic jewelry from the 80s, it’s time to invest in an updated look.

Again, you don’t want to start wearing rubberband bracelets like all the kids do, but something attractive and timeless is perfect.

How long are your skirts?

Do they all come down to your ankles?

Or have you gone to the other extreme and are barely covering your butt with a too-short miniskirt?

Find a skirt that comes right below your knees so that your legs are showing, but it’s in a tasteful manner.



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