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Laila Eau de Parfum by Geir Ness Fragrance. 

Laila From Geir Ness Parfum Pour Femme.

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As a boy, Geir Ness would go into the Norwegian mountains with his mother to pick wildflowers and herbs, and wanted to recreate that scent in this product that was aptly named after her.

He finally took a bouquet to a perfumer who was able to come up with the perfect fragrance.

Laila Essence of Norway Perfume by Geir Ness ReviewLaila Essence of Norway Perfume by Geir Ness Review

Touted to last an entire day without fading, Laila eau de Parfume is the flagship product for the brand, and the first from Norway to enter the international market.

The scent is representative of Norwegian wildflowers with just a slight infusion of fruitiness, and said to be perfect for women of all ages.



Laila has a complete line of products to enhance the perfume including body cream, bath and shower gel and deodorant.

A gift packaged Laila scented candle made from a soyblend is also available.

The hand and body cream contains ingredients of aloe, honey extracts and vitamins A and E, and purportedly does not leave a greasy residue on the skin.

Laila Essence of Norway Perfume by Geir Ness Review

Also containing vitamins A and E, the bath and shower gel has the scent of the Laila perfume.

Additional products available include a body bronzer and lip color called Luscious Lip Tingle.

Geir Ness also captured a cool, herb and spice mountain scent for men.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement