Listen to Betty | Computerworld

Listen to Betty | Computerworld

Manager at a beer distributor discovers that a barcode scanner wand can be attached to the tablet computers used by the warehouse crew. This is a great thing, since the warehouse crew routinely mistypes information when moving stock in and out of inventory. Scanning both the product and the shelf number would reduce the high error rate to zero. 

Manager immediately takes his idea to the big boss, bragging about how much time and effort he is about to save the company. Then he goes to the Accounting Department to get IT’s input. 

Wait, what? Beer distributor, cheapskate boss, a one-person IT department consisting of a woman who works in Accounting? Yes, if you’re a Shark Tank fan, you’ve read about Betty, the accountant/tablet savior, before. This true tale of IT, says the pilot fish who sent it in and who has forever been grateful that he never worked at that beer distributor, took place a few years before Betty’s last straw. Like Hollywood, Sharky is now doing prequels.

The manager explains his plan to Betty, and she tells him, “This idea needs some work.

“The product’s UPC code can be scanned while it is at ground level on the forklift, but the shelf heights are floor level, and then 5, 10, 15 and 20 feet. The scanner you want to buy has a range of inches, not yards. The top three shelves are out of range.”   

“Can we just make the barcodes on the upper shelves bigger, so the scanner can see them better?” 

“Nope, but you can get scanners with a longer range.” 

“Great, let’s do that!”

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