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The Dark Past of the Celebrity Cocktail Dress.

As far as the history of the human race goes, black dresses were associated with sadness and grief, never with happiness and luxury.
In those times, people never even thought of associating black dresses with fashion.
It was only in 1926, a time sandwiched between two of the most painful wars in history, when the black dress of the fashion word was born.
Little Black Dress History of The Celebrity Cocktail Dress
The brainchild behind its creation was Coco Chanel, one of the most popular woman entrepreneurs of her time.
That makes us wonder why this woman created something associated with sadness and grief into fashion.
Using something negative in day to day life is not the usual practice of such famous people.

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To actually understand the birth of that little black dress, the mother of all black dresses, we must analyse the life of its creator.
Interestingly, the early life of Coco Chanel or Gabrielle Chanel was a world of sadness and misery.
It seems the color black is deeply integrated into her life.
It was August 1883 when Coco Chanel, the original designer of the black dress was born.


She was born to unmarried parents who got married later on.

Born to a small-wares peddler and a girl from a peasant family, she was named Gabrielle Chanel.

Disaster and Grief stuck her life early when she was only twelve.

The first event which later led to the popularity of black dresses was the death of Coco's mother.

Just a few days later, she ended up in an orphanage, as her father decided to leave her as well.

It was these moments of extreme grief and sadness that embedded the color black in her mind.

She was a girl brought up in grief, someone who would wear a black dress every day

Little Black Dress History of The Celebrity Cocktail Dress

The little black dress is born

Though she tried her best to delete all memories of her painful childhood she could not remove the darkness firmly attached to her subconscious.

It was this darkness that later on led her to design and popularize the little black dress, which spread like wildfire resulting in many other Black Dresses propping up in fashion everywhere.


In the melancholies of her child hood, she never knew that her pain and suffering would one day result in many famous women like Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and Miley Cyrus wear a black dress.

Though she was not as popular as other designers like Dior, she will always be remembered for her role in popularizing the little Black Dresses.

All those who know Coco's life always remember her when they see a black dress.


Black Dress: It seems that this dress style cannot go out of fashion at all.

Every time it is worn by a celebrity, it simply stands out.

Black cocktail dresses just project a deep personality for the celebrity wearing it and what more can be said?

You can't go wrong wearing a black cocktail dress.

Try it!


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CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement