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I don't know how i keep getting invited to these things but i am so grateful :,)

✩ Superb Paris okay um I'll see you in like ten

hours I'm being stared at


okay I'm here I am very sorry okay let

me relax let me relax I'm like freaking

out because I'm here I am in Paris

berry I'm in Paris for Fashion Week

again with Louboutin I can't believe I'm

back oh I have a bag let's open it let's

see what is in this oh wow okay oh wow

let's see what this is oh how cute wow

how cute well this is my invite to the

show the show is in like what - yeah

what I don't even know what it is is the

show tomorrow let's see what's in here

oh stop stop stop wait these are so cool

oh my god stop okay I don't know how to

handle my emotions right now but I just

wanna say thank you to leave a ton for

sending me I don't know why you would do

that for me but also I am so grateful

and I love you you are my love of my

life but I kept passing my love see you

later uh-huh

can I do the muesli and can I get that

with a side of almond milk can I get two

hard-boiled eggs can I get an iced latte

with almond milk

can I get a side of fruit thank you so

much hi gently when the camera was off I

took some Instagram photos my dad took

them for me oh yeah my dad's on this

trip so yeah my dad's with me in Paris

but we're doing our own separate things

because I have things I have to do and

he wants to go see art and stuff in like

I don't want to do that so like I do but

like I don't have time so he's doing

that um while I'm doing my own thing but

yes my dad is here Chamberlain paintings

so I stayed at this hotel the last time

I was in Paris for Fashion Week and the

food here is so good like the muesli

granola that they give you is literally

it's unbelievable I was like I'm so full

Wow this coffee is bangin every time

they brought the muesli or the granola

it looks different than the last time I

was here which worries me but I'm gonna

try it anyway mmm yes I took a 10-minute

nap well I'm waiting for my room service

to show up and I had my hand in such a

tight fist that my nail dug into my hand

and made a cut is that normal I want to

move to Paris only with food oh all

right I'm gonna take a nap

hi okay good morning it is the next day

I'm not sure what I'm doing today I am a

free day in Paris today and I don't know

what I'm gonna do okay

so right now I'm getting ready so I can

like feel kind of cute you know maybe

take an Instagram photo cuz that's all I

care about the only thing I have planned

today is that I'm going to a French

cycling class at 1:00 why am i doing my

makeup then like that's too much bronzer


tomorrow is the show

I have a few things I needed you to

prepare for the show today but besides

that I'm just gonna be super chill I'm

breaking out really bad so I need I want

to get a face mask so maybe we can find

one somewhere here and then the other

thing I need to paint my nails because

basically I got my nails done with

regular polish and I fucked them up I

don't know if you can tell but I fucked

up the nail polish and like I can't be

going to the show tomorrow with with

nails that are like ugly so I'm gonna

try to get face masks and nail polish

right now I'm gonna go get coffee with

my dad and we're just gonna go walk

around bears a little bit take an

Instagram photo

oh also I learned this a new move so

basically recently I've been watching a

lot of tape talk and if you don't know

what tick tock is do your own research I

don't wanna explain it but I figured out

this take top move so let me know

comment down below what take talk maybe

I should learn next I've learned this

one recently it's where you go like and

let me know what you talk move to learn

next because I am always open-minded in

trying to learn you take top moves and I

also want to make it to talk well I

already have one my user name is Emma

Cham B but the problem is that I'm too

nervous to use it and every time I post

on it I get too nervous and then I

delete it I don't look fucking weird

I'm literally do you want to know what I

do with my hair when I don't want to do

it I put in a buff and that's why it's

in fun I hate doing mascara because I

just get it everywhere also I'm breaking

out you know I just like don't look

right there's something off about me

anyway let's see if my dad is ready yeah

take pictures you know it when your dad

knows that you just want to go outside

only to take in Instagram there's more

than I like to do but it's just that I

love putting on outfits and taking

Instagram photos it's like my new thing

also how I just grab something with my

saree I am like acne on my back you guys

know that it's so cool let's go explore

Paris yo what up so my dad said that in

the elevator this is a cool shot see the

problem is with this elevator is that

you can see my acne you see it I mean

and like I don't like that but we'll

figure it out that's your brand oh my

dad just like straight up like wasn't

looking at what do you think so like my

head's not in these that's like no no

that's all of them

you cut out my head like Oh somebody's

coming okay yeah we're leaving should we

do like an artsy Paris montage or now oh

my God look how bright out it is today

you the Paris montage now


thanks for the Instagram anytime okay

good you know it's hard for me because

they don't have nice coffee here so I

have to drink this espresso that's so


it's so wrong like like the class here

and like I just did that oh I think your

dance montages are so expressive so

passionate and do you really think so

can I still order breakfast okay great

um can I get an iced latte with almond

milk can I get the muesli can I get that

with a side of almond milk as well and

then can I have hard-boiled egg a side

of fruit a fruit plate is great amazing

thank you

yo yeah I'm not looking my best

I just got back from a French workout

class it was actually amazing I have a

few things I have to do today fix my

nails and get a face mask besides that I

have nothing to do today so I don't know

what I'm gonna do cuz it's my like day

off all right I have Paris to myself I

might just take a nap all day


thank you so I'm on my way to get face

masks and nail polish okay I'm doing

good okay let's see what I got

actually I got ten face masks I don't

know we'll do those later I don't know

how like French skin care is it's

probably really good considering I've

never seen somebody here like I feel

like everybody just as perfect and

France so maybe that can help me um nail

polish remover nail polish we know

what's going on okay Oh a I also got

mouthwash just cuz like I could use more

lot so I'm gonna beat my nails you know

what's so funny I used to be obsessed

okay obsessed with doing nails like you

have no idea it was like my hobby and

passion okay so like I would do nail art

I had an Instagram account before my

nail art called Emma Champy's nails it

does not exist anymore so don't try to

find it so I went into the cutest little

cosmetic type of store what even was it

they'd like nail polish and a bunch of

skin products and basically everything I

needed which was literally perfect and

it was so close to my hotel so thank you

God for that one this is like a mukbang

the like nail polish version except I'm

not eating it guys don't eat nail polish

got my base coat on this is so fun so I

did one coat of this like natural light

pink color and it literally showed up as

nothing I mean I guess it's not that bad

no I hate it this looks like shit cuz

I'm doing it so it looks bad yeah I hate

that okay wait like things could be

worse like from far away this looks fine

this is like a decent upgrade okay

better than better than before as long

as we're better than before it's fine

okay they're done kind of hate them but

it is fine because literally nobody's

gonna see them Wow mm-hmm

I need to go lay down wow I look so good

tomorrow's the show and I'm just gonna

relax tonight and prepare I can't be

myself seriously I can't take myself

seriously I look so stupid I'm gonna go

I'm gonna leave you alone now I will see

you guys tomorrow for the show please

give this video a thumbs up if I look so

good right now shows tomorrow fuck okay


yep we're doing this again hey guys umm

guess what today is

it is the day of the Louie Vuitton show

I am so excited I'm breaking out really

bad okay it really ate so much food this

morning for breakfast I'm literally

exploding like look already

I wonder if facemasks like do anything

let's get ready for this thing okay how

are you guys great how are you good girl

who are you oh my god this looks so good


big outfit reveal big outfit reveal

drumroll please Oh God look at these

boots I'm so excited my makeup looks so

good like I wish I could do my own

makeup like this it's kind of fucked up

I just farted so we're about to go to

the show soon um I'm pretty much ready I

am ready actually have nothing else to

do so we're gonna go to the show I hope

you guys like my fit like it's weirdly

like very fun in like young but it's

also like weirdly kind of mature at the

same time like the sweater is so mature

but then like the skirt is so like

youthful and fun and then the boots are

just like super like edgy so it's just

like overall such a perfect outfit for

me he's go to the show y'all okay we're

on our way I am feeling so relaxed and

just calm and good I just forgot my

camera in the hotel room so we had to

fix that but now here we are like a

magic like this is the whole point is to

vlog the fact that I'm going to this

show and I forget the camera charge

first baby

really yeah oh my god these thumbnail do

you know what a thumbnail is no okay

thumbnail I'm gonna poop myself why did

I get so nervous for this




okay so show's gonna start soon I am so

excited to see it

I'm feeling really relaxed you know okay

I do get really anxious when I do all

the photos like that get all the photos

taken of me but once that's over it's

just like enjoyable and relaxing so I'm

about to take a photo with the designer

okay we're done time to go back to the

hotel okay that was awesome

amazing show I had chills the whole time

and but I do want to get into my PJs now

that's life that's who it is okay oh my

god oh who is this they keep following

me everywhere and I don't know who they

are and I'm just kidding

it's my BAE's that's well except ssin

okay let's show shall we it's me and

Derek youtube.com slash fashion what an

angle I am exhausted but I'm so tired

I'm leaving Paris in like a day or so

but I'm ending this vlog okay I'm adding

the what I hope you had fun I had so

much fun the show was beautiful oh thank

you guys for watching did I say that yet

well I'm saying it thank you and I

appreciate you and I love you and I'm

uploading a video right now so sorry

that I'm not looking at you but I'm

literally uploading video right now

grind never stops sorry yeah here's to

another fashion week I hope I get to go

to another one guys have a great day

have a great night I'm going to bed I'm

literally right now okay before I end

this video let me do one thing all right

on that note bye


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