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A European Fair Skin Complexion Has Always Been Associated With Success and Popularity.

Both men and women alike desire European fair skin complexion, it is believed to be the key to having a successful life.

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On the off chance that you have a fair skin complexion, there are similarly the same number of options accessible for you as there are for any other person.


Discovering your fair skin undertones.

You simply need to do a little examination by concentrating on your skin in the mirror, in general and very close up.

Do you see red hints there?

Take a gander at the natural shade of your lips.

Do they look sort of blue or gray, or would you say they are somewhat of a peach shading?

Do you see any trace of blue from the veins in your skin?

These are all good indications of your skin tone.


For the most part, skin tone is delegated either warm or cool.

Clearly, red is a warm tone and blue is cool.

However, here's a test... is pink cool or warm?

In all honesty, pink is a cool shading, and it generally has blue tones in it.

In this way, in the event that you have a peaches and cream appearance, you really have cool shading.


A decent rule in picking an effective color shading is to complement your fair skin tone, not to appear differently in relation to it.

For example, in the event that you have blue hints to your pale appearance, you have to go with blue to black tones in dark shades.

If have warm skin tones, supplement them with caramel and bronze hues, try violet and plum tones, as these are a red-base shading.


"If you want to impress then it is all down to how you dress.


Is European fair skin women's style a fashion statement or just about wearing nice new clothes?

All of us are unique thus its significant that we have a personal style that best suits our character.

Fashion design is all about featuring the best and concealing every one of our defects.


Why do European fair skinned women and beauty products work so well together?

The answer to that is quite simple, cosmetics make you look beautiful and women want to be beautiful, so there you have it, a match made in heaven - the perfect duo

Today's fashion and latest shades in lipstick is no guarantee to looking beautiful if you are not feeling good about yourself inside.

And a smile radiates beauty, so regardless of what the fashion is that you adorn - be sure to smile and that's half the battle won in feeling good and looking beautiful.


Makeup for European Fair / Pale Skin Women

How to Contour Like a Pro - This is my in depth instructional video on how to contour skin, specifically for my fair / pale skin. I went into great detail regarding placement and reasoning behind for a great contour, I hope you enjoy!


Hey everyone the long-awaited contouring video is finally here, I could be showing you today how I contour with powder, I can contour with cream also but I'm going to show you how I contour with powder.

The whole purpose of contouring is to bring out and recede a certain areas of your face, so you want to highlight certain areas and then make other areas recede to adjust your face shape to your liking, does that make sense.

So in a lot of people if they like slimmer cheekbones, like a smaller jaw and a thinner nose so I'm going to be showing you how I do those things.

I am very pale so I have to do it really subtly or else I look like I'm like you know, a little out there, so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and you want to learn how to contour for a super pale person then just keep on watching.


I faced up my face already with the Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation this is in the shade 110 porcelain.

It's one of the foundations that is like true to my skin tone, so I just base myself out in a really thin layer of that.

The reason I did that is because it's easier to blend a powder onto a surface, like if you try to blend in just your skin it's a little bit more difficult than blending it into something.


So I'm going to go in from a Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer this is in the shade ultra light.

I just put a little bit on my hand there, and what I'm gonna do with this is I'm going to bring out some features of my face, and conceal at the exact same time so I do like a two in one.

So what I'm gonna do is place them underneath my eye and I just do it in a little stripe under my eye here, and same with the other side and I always do the sides of my nose to conceal some redness there, and I always go on the base of my chin, and I'm gonna do right here and down the bridge of my nose.

So with this on you can kind of see how I'm mapping out my face and how I'm gonna bring out some of my features, now I'm gonna blend it in, I love blending it in with my Beauty Blender this is like my go-to tool for everything.


Underneath my eyes I make sure that it almost goes in a triangular shape here, and I mean a triangle because I want to conceal all underneath my eyes, but I don't want to bring it down under here I want it to kind of go along with my bottom lash line, I want to follow up all the way up here.

With half my face on you can already see that like my eye looks a lot more lifted because I cut that line up there, really lifts it out and here on my nose like a lot of pigment, that is part of like the concealer part of it too, but it's also really enhancing bringing out certain features of my face right now.

Even if I'm not wearing foundation I try to make in my daily mission to put concealer on those parts of my face that are going to bring out and then I can contour to recede other parts of my face.


Because I'm done working with cream and I'm going to move on to actually contouring my face with a powder I am going to set this because it's easier to blend a powder onto a powder surface than to blend a powder onto the cream.

So I'm going to set it with my HD Powder from NYX.


I'm gonna talk about brushes for contouring really quickly.

I have to real brushes that I really love, this first one came with the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit, I love this brush because it's literally the shape of what I want to get in here and I love chiseling out my cheekbones with that.

Another brush I really love is this one it's from Sephora I don't know what they make this anymore, but I love this brush because it's so small compact and you can really get that in that chisel there, so a brush like this is a great option.


Another option if you just have a bunch of extra blush brushes running around, running around, later on your place you can always go in with a blush brush like this.

This will work I always just like to pinch my brushes like this so you can really get in that chisel, that's what I find is a key don't use a big brush.

Do not use a powder brush like this because you're gonna get product where you do not need it, unless you're actually bronzing your face you can use a brush like this. but if you're trying to contour try and stay away from something like this.


I've grabbed two products here to show you.

One is actually kind of like a dupe for the other, this is the Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit, I love this kit because it is such a beautiful contouring shade, this color is perfect and it also comes with a highlighting powder.

What I like about this kit is you can mix and match the colors so you can lighten up the color by dipping your brush in here and then in here to lighten the color or else you can deepen the color by just using this that's why I love this, this is the makeup forever sculpting kit in the shade number 2.


The dupe for this that I have found is the NYX Matte Bronzer and this is in the shade O2 deep I know deep is crazy right, but when I hold these up to one another they are almost, almost identical, this one is a little bit cooler than this one but they're as close as I'm gonna get.

If you're looking for a nice affordable bronzer go grab this one it is a matt, and you want a matt if you're going to be contouring your cheeks.


Today I'm gonna be using the sculpting kit and I like to just take my hula brush, dip it in here smashed into the lid just so the color gets all, you know mixed up in there.

So if you're having trouble finding where you are going to contour just squeeze your jaw see how that comes more prominent there, now see that line we do not want to go anywhere underneath here.

This is territory you do not want to go into okay or else you're gonna look like you have a beard, do not go into that.

See where the top of my ear is we're gonna follow that line, I do not have anything on me right now nothing, Beauty Blender with concealer on it, I don't have anything on me okay.

We do not want to go below that line, we want to go up, we want to raise the cheekbone up so we want to blend it into kind of the hairline and then taper it off, so I'm gonna take my bronzer on here and I'm just simply going to kind of lightly chisel in that line.


See how I have a nice defined line now beautiful, now what I do is I like to flick upward, and I deposit more product closer to my hairline and then taper it off when I'm getting closer to my mouth.

My rule of thumb is I really do not go closer than where my like edge of my eye is, I'm not gonna bring it into my mouth, this area you don't need to put bronzer in either, it's you don't need to.

So see where I've ended it there, kind of where it lines up with my eye this way, but if I look at you this way also it lines up with my eye, so try and end it around this area, don't, just don't.


So now that I have a base there, I can add more and more and more and more and more and I always flick up, see how I'm leaving this really, really bare, and now it looks like I have a really high cheekbone, like this.

It's really coming out there see, and then when I turn my head it really looks like I have a full cheek and like a really defined face, my face looks a lot thinner.

So around the temple area now, the temple is right here, this is where your temple is on your face, I don't usually contour a lot here I mostly go like into my hairline up here.

It's all dependent on your face shape though if your face shape is different than mine it's gonna look different.

I have an oval face shape, so this is what I'm doing for an oval face shape, so I'm just gonna blend a little bit into my temple there and kind of bring it up into my hairline. I don't really go crazy with my forehead because my hair is always covering that so.


All right now we're gonna do underneath the jaw and I'm gonna teach you a trick that's gonna change your life okay, instead of going like this and chiseling a line into your jaw, what you're gonna do is start and flick up okay, this is gonna create a really soft line and make it look really natural and real all right.

So with products still on my brush I'm just flicking up and it's just depositing that color where I need it the most on my jaw here, and if you want to minimize something like right here I want to take a little bit, I'm just gonna lightly tap it there, give it a little rub and then still flick up,


See how that's really minimizing the size of my jaw now, if you really prominent jaw and you want to get rid of that, just add a little bit more over here and then it's gonna get rid of that for you, so see how it's nice and defined now that's what we're going for.

For my nose I like using the Naked Basics for this and I like taking this color Naked 2 which is right here, I find this is just the perfect ashen brown for my nose and I just take it on a fluffy brush, any fluffy brush will do if you have one like this, or else if you just have a blending brush, either one will do.

So what I do I'm trying to make my nose look smaller, I'm trying to thin it out right, so imagine you have like two little lines running like this it's gonna really make your nose look thinner, I don't want to start it from in here and bring it down here, I want to make it look like it's coming from my brow bone all the way down.


So I take my brush and I simply just tap all my nose to kind of get a guideline and make the line as vertical as I can, and then once I have that line I'll show you before I do anything else, let's see how I have that line there now and it makes this side of my nose look a lot thinner, we're gonna play with that.

Now it's a bit harsh right now, so what I like to do is sometimes just take my finger blend out, maybe take the brush blend it out a little too, the first time you contour your nose gonna be like, 'what's that', but honestly no one's even gonna recognize.

To blend up into here and just taper it off, give it a go with the Beauty Blender and that's half of my nose contoured.


So looking at my face now turning this way you can see it's all really defined and refined, this side mmm kind of chubby, kind of whatever you know, you can really tell the difference.

Now for my highlight I'm gonna be taking it from this My Couture like a diamond trio you get a beautiful beautiful highlight in here and it is called Crystal Cove and I love this highlight, these are just highlighting paper it's so convenient I love these things.

So what I do is I just take one of these little papers, I wrap it around my pointer finger, and where you want to highlight is on the top of your cheekbone and anywhere that you really want to stand out okay.


So for me on the top my cheekbone, down the bridge of my nose, my Cupid's bow, this is where I'm gonna put the shimmer, all right because I want this to really pop, so I'm gonna run this on the top of my cheekbone see how that gives me a nice gleam there.

Now those areas of my face whenever I turn and do like a certain angle you're really gonna get a beautiful sheen there and that's also gonna make your cheek pop.

I'm quickly also gonna run a little bit of blush on here because blush is part of it, I don't like doing the whole like this or like this.

I kind of piece it together so this is where my contour goes, my blush goes right here, and then my highlight it's all like a little puzzle, so kind of just wedged my blush right in between here nice and subtle.

So that is half of my face done versus the other half empty.


And I just topped off my lips with the CD Lips, lip plumping advanced formula I love this thing it is in the shade sangria and it takes about 20 seconds for it to kick in but like I already feel my lips like tingling it's really nice.

That is my contouring video if you want a contouring with a cream video thumbs up this video so I know that you guys want that, I can totally do that for you like an extreme contouring, this is my everyday contouring so I hope you guys enjoy.

I hope I explain myself well, just work with your face shape and you'll figure out how to do it it's all practice, practice makes perfect you can follow me on instagram twitter and facebook it's all Bailey Beauty XO and I'll see you guys later bye!

Bailey Van Der Veen


Products Mentioned:

  • Maybelline Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation
  • City Lips in 'Sangria' by City Cosmetics
  • Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer
  • Mai Couture Highlight Papier
  • Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit #2
  • NYX Matte Bronzer
  • Benefit Hoola Bronzer
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette






CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement