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Tresor for women, by Lancome was first available for purchase in 1990.

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Lancome is a company based in Paris, France.

Lancome specializes in creating beauty products for women, and among these products are perfumes.

In its uniquely shaped bottle, Tresor is among the most popular of the perfumes available.

Tresor gives a light scent of apricot and lilac, however there are other scents involved with this perfume such as vanilla, amber, and peach.

The scent also depends on other aspects as well.

Your mood or current stress level may affect the way this fragrance smells!


Tresor is described to have a calm and soothing affect on the wearer.

This fragrance may be best suited for a woman who experiences high stress levels, simply because it will remind her to slow down and enjoy life.

Popular Intoxicating Tresor Lancome Perfume for Women ReviewPopular Intoxicating Tresor Lancome Perfume for Women Review

Tresor is also suited for women who have a calm and relaxing life, as it will help any woman enjoy this type of lifestyle more.

The apricot and lilac scent have a soothing affect on the mind and body, and will help eliminate any stress.

Tresor is also for women who enjoy receiving compliments.

Tresor is a perfect balance between strong and subtle perfume, and it will leave people intoxicated.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement