Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume for Women Review

Romance is a Women’s Perfume Fragrance That is Made by Ralph Lauren.

Romance is a light scent with hints of rose, white violet, lotus flower and marigold.

Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume for WomenA bit of musk and patchouli can also be detected in the fragrance, and this wonderful mixture of ingredients is said to exude the scent of love.

Ralph Lauren introduced Romance in 1998 and it soon became a favorite amongst women.

Romance is a wonderful and flowery scent that is perfect for everyday wear by women who want to smell lovely all day long.

Younger women love the light fragrance as it reminds them of the flowers in bloom during the spring.

Romance by Ralph Lauren for Women - 3.4 Ounce EDP Spray

Romance is perfect when sprayed on the neck and wrists when a pastel colored summer dress is worn in the sun.

The fragrance is a good choice as well, for women who do not want to overpower the office with their strong musky scents.

A slight whiff of Romance is inviting and inspiring and it will never cause a nuisance in even the most congested office settings.


The feminine scent is a great choice for date nights and romantic evenings out, too.

The light and fragrant scent of Romance should be purchased and tried by any woman who is sick of routine and boring perfumes.

Small bottles of Romance are quite inexpensive, and this allows ladies to try out the revitalizing scent without having to spend a fortune.



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