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Scandalous Women's Sexy Lingerie Try-On haul πŸ‘€

Beautiful large curvy women can look stunningly sexy in designer lingerie and sexy plus size underwear made specifically for them, and it makes the perfect attire for an invitation of love.


Video Transcript

what's up sleepy welcome back to my

channel it should girls Bellamy what's

poppin what's poppin today I'm coming

with their lunch break look book and try

on haul for you guys this was suggested

in my comments but one of my new studies

oh and to all my new subscribers thanks

for joining this family thanks for

coming at Sweet Pea I love you guys so

much and if you have not even subscribe

but go ahead and get it now

and a notification bill next to it so

you can get notified every time I drop a

video now my sweet pea dhf Avon droid

lookbook try on haul or something like

that and I'm here to deliver so I'm

gonna be showing you guys a couple

pieces that I have in my collection

they're gonna be oh new something

they're a little basic something that

are a little scandalous so hope you guys

enjoy make sure you give this video a

thumbs up and as I stated comment down

below what type of videos you guys would

like to see and I also let me know what

lingerie pieces you liked the most

I'm interested to know well without

further ado let's get into the video





it's gonna be my little basic black keys

nothing too too scandalous scandalous

not quite yet but it is going to be a

late brother as well as a bottom it's a

plea to my legs I'm not sure if you guys

can really see but it does have a little

garter bills and then I have one some

fishnet stockings this is one of my

older pieces but I love it because like

it's so freaking cute it's good black is

my color I think let me know let me know

now the lucky thing cuz my cover is well

this set right here actually came from

forever 21 so is super and for

inexpensive excuse me super affordable

and a fishnet stocking I think I just

got it from I just think I got these

from UM a Halloween store that I wore

more Halloween so that's so many fish

that I believe these is they actually

came from Halloween store but you know

you can get fishnet stockings from

anywhere this was super cheap I am

wearing a size small and top and bottom

I like that the lengths come a little

bit placed a little bit under the boob a

little bit lower than the booth so

that's cover the buy that is really

cheeky which I do like as well I'm not

sure if you guys can see

but yeah I do like this piece right here

let me know down below what you would

rate this piece right here guys


RSVP so this is look number two

this is going to be considered him cute and

comfy your seal super cute and your

comfortable as well as just showing a

little bit of skin so it is considered

sexy enlargement ring this is a size

small I got this from Marshall so it's

super inexpensive look probably was like

15 bucks and I just love it the brand is

Jessica Simpson it is really good

quality so just the heads up if you guys

want to go to Marshalls and look at the

little lingerie red you'll be would find

a big deal something cute and this is

something that you can just lounge

around the house there and feel you have

a little sex appeal it's just also a

little tip I want to give you guys so

originally these straps words is on the

shoulder like this but I cross them over

I think he's super cute where there was

a lace on the shoulder now I just made

him talk a little collar and honey I

think it's cute

now also I also get it just because it

does allow the bridge to look a little

bit more perkier so that is a styling

piece tip now that the back and all

around it is sheer on the bottom side so

I just paired it with some black socks

and you know something a little jury on

it just to be a little bit more cuter

but yeah I like this piece comment down

below what would you rate this

remember Cuban coffee



All right so for a look number three

we're going to up it up this is a little

lace Teddy now I love teddy they are so

comfortable they are you know a little

covering so that's what I like

especially when I have my little

insecure moments but this right here is

super freaking cute it has so much

detailing like the top of the wrist area

is actually cut out and I think that's

so cute right above his straps it is

see-through right here and lace down

here this is a bodysuit style so it does

snap at the bottom and in the back is

just shared my legs PhysX this year

there is flakes all around here and this

is a size small as well and it was super

inexpensive this was probably ten

dollars from and what I think Marshalls

or either overall so don't think in

those places ladies you can go find

something super cute and I can visit

also come because you can just wear this

around the house and it's nothing too

too revealing as well like you have the

latest cover and everything that needs

to be covered and I like this piece or a

comment down below what would you rate

this Teddy the blue is actually really

cute too so I liked it as well I can't

look at myself in the mirror so but yeah

what would you bring




So this is look number four this is a

completely lace bodysuit or tail you

want to call it that as well it's

completely laid now what I do like about

this one is that in the back it had the

adjustable straps so if you want to make

it tighter if you can so that is really

good this one does not snap at the

bottom so you just jump on it if this is

a size small one of my studies actually

reached out to me via email and sent

this to me so I'm so appreciative for

that but you can actually purchase this

on Amazon they actually have a store on

Amazon and I will link it down in the

description below so you can go and

check it out if you're interested I

don't think it was that expensive but I

have to go and check to see how much

they're actually selling it for but it's

super cute I do like it like I said it

is completely lace but it's not one of

those links that actually covers much so

for this video of course I just went

ahead and put on some pasties but I like

it oh look at the size small and it does

have the adjustable straps in the back

and it cuts down really low and as far

as the backside area it's like a cheeky

look but also like scalloped lace can

you see that ask at least clip yeah so

comment down below what you write is

guys it's getting a little scandalous

just because it's so local shear or I'm

see-through with the legs but it's still

I'm just covering a good amount



Alright CP so this is looks number five

and we're getting on down there and

scandal is part of the scale this right

here is a metallic lingerie piece now it

is one - ray I probably would have worn

it to the beach but I the order under

the lingerie section I think it's from

Amazon I'm right here taking advantage

of it prime but I got this from Amazon

and I will let you down alone and I

can't remember how much actually cost

but this is a size mom it is really

really really revealing really revealing

I didn't keep my little pasties online

so you might see that like peeping

through they do tie your tie up on the

side as well as for at the top the sides

in the back so you have complete control

how low and how how you want it to beam

but yeah it is silk Stella as you can

see and like I said it's a size small I

keep trying to be on my tiptoes let me

show you guys I'm actually five reason

people think I'm super tall but I'm only

fun to read I got probably just have

like longer legs or something but yeah I

do like this it's cute I probably like I

said we're probably weird to let the

beach or something but it is cute so

comment down below what you would rate

this one



All right Sufis look number six and this

is my favorite piece I believe it's so

much detailing like so much for candy

tell me I got this piece right here from

fashion over this piece was about 30 or

40 dollars in between i99 and $39.99 I

got this piece sometime earlier this

year but I just had to throw it in this

try on Hoss because I loved it so pretty

much I didn't keep my pasties on just so

be expose it too much but I don't either

way I love this piece as you can see it

does have the underwire detailing which

is so freaking cute it does the double

strap bra straps right here you have I

see if I can show you guys a little

lacing going on which is cute

now this is a two piece set

so the bottoms that came with it is

actually attached because you get the

time up there is detailing on the back

as well I just want to show you guys so

much we suggest detailing on the back as

well right there

excuse a tag but you see the flowers on

the back I'm kind of matched like the

flowers are right here as well as the

lace detailing flowers this is a size

small as I say it I just love this piece

so freakin much now this is a peace day

if you're trying to go and be sexy

really cute don't try to put this one on

it's literally just took me about 10

minutes to put on myself because you

have the double straps in the back

that you really have to go over to

attach as well as I said the bottom is

not attached at the top so it's highs in

the front but also have two loops to

attach it in the back

right here but yeah so I love this piece

so much like I said I've had I got a

confession away it's a size small coming

down below what do you rate this do you

like this piece which I do the red so

freaking pretty




RHCP so this is what the number six and

I am saying I like this piece is

completely it's a blue heading the other

dog piece I am loving this color on my

skin I am loving I didn't think I was

what I'm like when I pull out the pack

that is actually super cute this is my

first time trying it on it does have

this little rhinestone deep telling up

here as well as above the crotch area it

ties around the neck and times around

the bag and you kind of just dip into it

it's more is the bottom part I'm really

digging this piece right here it's

really cute this is a size small and I

did get date to prom Amazon as well so

I'm going to link that down below and it

was inexpensive too so sexy and

inexpensive like I said it does get long

in the back and you tie it around the

back as well as the neck super cute

comment down below would you rate this

piece I would give it that it was on a

scale of 1 to 10 I would give this

probably like a 8 my red one is a 10 for

me but this one right is it at 8 I like

this a lot down super cute




RCB so this is the last piece number

seven and I think this relaxes because I

feel like this is the most scandalous

piece it is completely sheer you can see

completely through as you can see there

is a come area that's cut out for the

entire breast area so I'm just gonna

cover this up even though I have and are

you kind of like you show everything

else which is kind of your butt like

yeah and the back area is super freaking

cute I like the cut up so that is cute I

don't know if that's cute and the crotch

area is completely cut out so hopefully

you guys are not exposed to that this

was on Amazon as well and this was out

of here impressed that I like all down

below and i love this color though it's

so cute and just like you throw these on

the lace let me show you guys the lace

and the bones are super cute but yeah I

really do like the features to the size

small as well but the show is over you

guys thank you for watching make sure

you comment down below what pieces you

did like would you rate these pieces and

what videos you want to see Nick and

until next time sleepies







CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement