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Skin Color Shading Fluctuates in Tones from Pale White, Fair, Brown Colored Tones to Dark Black.

Skin color shading and hints, the design styles and selection of hues, the cosmetics type and application will all impact whether she looks short, tall, thin, or fat in her general appearance.

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Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories
When shopping for fashion clothing, the variety of hues and styles accessible will stun and enchant each lady regardless of her body size or shape.

The chic handbags with alluring embellishments and glamour accessories available will highlight every lady's designer outfit, street wear, party dress or business suit and offer functionality too.

The wide assortment of cosmetics brands on offer are an essential and basic part of each lady's lifestyle kit.

Where the utilization of cosmetics is concerned, it broadly changes as indicated by skin shading and body type, so knowing what kind of cosmetics suits your underlying skin tones is unquestionably a necessity.

"Helping You Own The Look


Coordinating Products To Skin Color, Tone and Shading.

Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories
Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories
Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories

Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories
Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories
Skin Color Fashion Styles Makeup Brands and Accessories

How Do You Dress Daily?

Become Aware of How You Dress. - Does your outer skin of clothing play out the same scenario and dress as you subconsciously see yourself.

  • Is the style strikingly older or younger than you really are?
  • Are you more or less formal than your peers?

Some people dress to camouflage their sexuality, others to flaunt it. A very stylish dresser may put high emphasis on their packaging to compensate for their self-doubts. Others dress so shabbily as if to say: "I'm nothing. Don't take me seriously"


Choice of colors is more than simply a matter of style.

A woman may dress in ''basic black" and other somber shades because her heart is always at a funeral – a clue to depression so obvious that it's easily overlooked.

Bright, cheerful colors may reflect an authentically sunny outlook or an attempt to mask hollow feelings of need. Paradoxically, one can dress in orange for the same reason another dresses in black.


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Do you feel the same way you dress?

Some people are constantly "in costume."

  • Let your mind associate freely: are you dressed like a doll, like Cinderella, like Dumbo?
  • Do you look like a 12 year old bar mitzvah girl, the high school cheerleader, or a sixties leftover?

A woman once described her discomfort at being a woman as she sat dressed in combat boots, baggy pants, and a work shirt. "My camouflage," she said.

Discussion with her brought memories of her fear at her father's interest in her burgeoning sexuality and her need to hide it from him and from all other men.

Her long standing skin rash (which she encouraged by her lax skin care routine) was an accepted part of the camouflage, she came to understand.

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Why Do You Want To Be More Attractive or Beautiful?

This may seem like a question too obvious to be worth asking. Physical beauty is a tool, like intelligence, physical strength, good eyesight, or social skills. These tools are designed for physical, emotional, or social survival.

Some of us are given fuller toolboxes at birth. Some of us work harder at maximizing, sharpening, or supplementing one or another of these resources.

Let's Imagine For A Moment...

You find yourself alone on the proverbial desert island and suddenly beauty has a whole different meaning. That stubborn twenty pounds of overweight you've been cursing suddenly becomes a week's survival rations.

Your beautiful clear, white, hairless skin translates into a greater likelihood of dehydration and sun poisoning. The context and the task at hand can radically redefine beauty.

Once we see beauty as only meaningful in a specific context and as a tool for obtaining a specific goal.

These three questions are an essential starting point to ask yourself:

  1. What is your underlying goal in being more beautiful or attractive?
  2. What are your assumptions about what beauty or attractiveness can do for you or anyone?
  3. Is this goal actually obtainable by increased beauty or attractiveness?


"Be Your Own Striking Expression of Beautiful


You should pursue beauty and attractiveness as another part of good health, fitness, and well-being.

If they are simply a nice way to feel good about yourself, your efforts will be rewarded.

If your goals are social, political, financial, or about banishing ancient feelings of not having been loved, respected, or protected, you are setting yourself up for a fall.



CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement