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Divine Trapped Model - Official Trailer - MarVista Entertainment. 

An aspiring model falls victim to a malicious fashion photographer who lures her to be his next “star” on a sexy website.

Cast: Lucy Loken, Wes McGee, Kiki Harris, Michael Ryerson Uribe

Inspired by true events. Grace (Lucy Loken), an aspiring model, is thrilled to have fashion photographer Hunter Kelly (Wes McGee) help launch her career.

But when Grace is held against her will, Hunter’s true intention to use her as his next “star” on a sexy website is revealed.

With courage and resourcefulness, Grace must now find a way to escape before she becomes Hunter’s next model murder victim.


Video Transcript...

do you really want this more than
anything in the world take your top off
I'm out of here for the right girl we'll
provide bus ticket models apartment and
introductions to have agents we'd be
amazing Nicole hey got her welcome to
Miami so where is the studio exactly

it's about an hour from here
and the models apartment oh that's bad
doctor thank you later welcome to my
humble abode this is where the magic
happens I'm actually pretty tired is
there any way you could drive me to the
apartment now Nicole we'll be right back
and then she'll take you what happened
to Nicole she's not feeling well so she
went home what should I do we have a
guesthouse in the back the mamas used it
all the time all right well I guess I
can stay for just one night see you
bright and early okay

I want to go home this is your home now
you're finally gonna be a model grace
you're insane

we go live in 15 well know that take off
your top

take a look at this trick you do to her
only what I had to do what I say and
you'll have a good life don't do what I
say and you won't


everybody loves it yeah here what about

Nicole thank God we have to get out of
here Hunter has me trash stop reading
him on what are you doing

Hunter I don't have secrets how could
you be with him he trapped me he killed
someone he's someone the best thing
that's ever happened to me I love him
where do you think you're going what if
I posed as like a sexy art student I'll
get you the supplies I get whatever you
need don't let me down eleventh grade

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CBDPure CBD Hemp Oil Extract Dietary Supplement