Wayback Wednesday: Only good for PLANNED emergencies

Wayback Wednesday: Only good for PLANNED emergencies

This pilot fish works at a software company that has just added a group of student testers to the development team.

“One of the students lived near me and he didn’t drive, so I started giving him a lift to work,” fish says.

But one morning not long after the student starts work, fish has an emergency and can’t go into the office. Fortunately, the student was able to get a ride from his parents that day. But to avoid future problems, fish asks a co-worker who lives nearby if he could serve as the student’s emergency backup ride.

Fish: If I’m unable to make it one day, at short notice, would you be able to give the student a lift?

Co-worker: Yes, no problem.

Fish: So, can I have your mobile number so I can contact you?

Co-worker: I don’t like giving my mobile out to people at work.

Fish: Well, it’s only for emergencies. I won’t contact you unless the student needs a lift and I won’t give it to anyone else.

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